PSP to hit 1m UK sales in 2006

Think the PSP is struggling? Think again. Sony has told MCV that it is confident of selling one million units in the UK before the end of the year, safely securing its place as the second best-selling console of 2006.

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MicroGamer5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

There are over 2 million 360's in the UK, and they launched around the same time there as in the US. There's is no way that you are going to tell me that more than half of those sales were in the final 6 weeks or so of 2005. 360 has to have outsold PSP in 2006.

uxo225255d ago

I'm sure there's probably some small important detail left out like, "PSP is second in sales in 2006 between these dates." etc.

Because I agree with you, unless they are saying over a million 360s sold in Europe in 2005 (6 weeks). Funny how these numbers just magically appear.

ploody5255d ago

Well I saw somewhere that the DS sold half a million units in Europe within one week not to long ago, so despite the DS lite not being out for very long I can't help but think that it too has out sold the PSP.

Zhoutai5255d ago

"oh no Sony just acheived something, lets post negative comments right away so ppl dont believe it!" it's like you've been told what to say.

uxo225255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

So what should we do? Believe it even though we don't feel it's accurate. Sorry, unlike yourself I don't ignore BullSh!t, even when it's coming out of your mouth.

I said nothing about SONY, I made hints to the fact that I don't think the information is correct. So, if you feel like MANNING UP, then you came to the right place.

So pull that SONY skin-flute out of your mouth and get lost!

DJ5255d ago

Uxo fits the profile right off the bat, haha.

uxo225255d ago

You may want to spit out the skin flute also. Bandwagoneer!

uxo225255d ago

You may want to spit out the skin flute also. Bandwagoneer!

uxo225255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

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FFVIIFan5255d ago

I agree that its a little hard to believe that it's the second best this year, but maybe considering that handhelds are considerably less then their big consule brothers it's possible. I'd still like to see a graph or something proving it though. But instead of looking at it as a race, I think it shows that the PSP has taken root and has an audience. I didn't think from the start that the PSP would dominated the handheld market, but I'm impressed that they have secured their own place in a long time Nintendo held market.

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