Drawing For A Living: interview with a Rare artist

2008 will be a busy year for Rare: in a three month period the company will release three new games (Banjo, Piñata 2 and Piñata DS) as well as their brand new interface for the Xbox dashboard featuring their home-made 360 Avatars. And with all their teams working several extra hours to meet the launching schedules, MundoRare got some time from one of their rising artists to ask him about his work in all the upcoming titles.

The man is Ryan Stevenson, who has a clear soft spot for paper-wise designs. He was the one who came with the brilliant idea of using paper-made piñatas in an animal breeding title that Rare was developing when he entered the company; he was also responsible for creating an amazing and unique crayon painted world for Rare's crazy mascot, Mr Pants; and despite the new Banjo look not being his idea, he has been quite implicated in the Nuts & Bolts artistic side, amazing us all with many pieces of concept art for the Banjo universe.

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