Review: New Xbox One Experience - change for the better?

The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE for short) has been in preview for several weeks, initially to a subset of opt-in Xbox users, before gradually rolling out to everyone enrolled in the Preview Program. On November 12th, Microsoft unleashed NXOE to the general public, bringing with it some radical changes.

We know all about the signature features - the new guide menu, backwards compatibility and Windows 10, but is change always for the better?

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Satyre281095d ago

Best UI i have ever seen on a gaming console. I personally have the elite console, but the UI is lightning fast, i mean it is FAST. Getting to friends now is like 2 buttons, actually pretty much everything is now about 2 buttons away, its just damn good. I give the Xbox UI team major respect, they truly made a wonderful experience.

KiwiViper851095d ago

Everything except full screen achievements...

Anyone know of a shortcut? Other than, from home: left, up, a, a, down, a?

YinYangGaming1095d ago

You can snap them very easily & quickly or go to your profile to view them full screen

Genuine-User1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Snap might work.

On-topic: it's a good start but there are a few things that need to be fixed and added.

KiwiViper851095d ago

Ye snap is the problem, the app used to open full screen but now it defaults to snapped.

I like seeing full screen, to see progress, view pictures, choose background ect.

AngelicIceDiamond1094d ago

Light years from launch. MS had an horrid UI launch two years ago. But now its night and day.

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BallsEye1095d ago

I think the biggest thing is not the fact it's 2 buttons away. It's the fact that there is completely ZERO loading time for launching snap, friend list, messages etc. It's just there!

BattleAxe1095d ago

I'm actually disappointed with the new interface/update. Here's how I break it down:

- quicker loading of apps and navigation of the U.I.
- Backwards compatibility

- Friends list and games library are the least prominent features in the new U.I.
- The Community page is a complete waste of space
- The One Guide is a complete waste of space, and should be relegated to being an app for those who are interested in this sort of thing.
- You can no longer 'hide' items in your games library, which are in the 'Ready to Install' area, such as old betas and demos, which you will most likely never download again.
- Half of the user interface is now essentially a store page

I much preferred the old user interface, I just wish that it had been quicker. If they were to get rid of the community page and the One Guide page, and exchange them with my friends list and my games library, then I think we would have a good update here. As it is right now, I'm really disappointed.

Xb1ps41095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )


One guid is the tv... I know there are a bunch of you in the world that don't watch tv and if you do its limited to Hulu and Netflix. While I'm sure you enjoy that very much leave one guid "tv" to us states ppl.

I'd rather have my console deliver on games and still do non game features perfectly... In other words I prefer my console to be the best at both media AND games..

If you want your console to be strictly games then get a ps4 cause in my opinion we don't need 2 ps4's.

ABizzel11095d ago

Love the speed, don't like the look and layout, but I guess that part will have to grow on me.

It's practically a Windows 8/10 hybrid UI.

BattleAxe1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )


The One Guide isn't just for TV, it's mainly for apps like Netflix, Crunchy Roll, Crackle, and every other app on there, as well as movie rentals.

As far as I'm concerned they are duplicating the video store and the app store, which also takes up half of the user interface.

I think that it's great that Xbox One integrates TV services and has all kinds of apps. I just don't think it should be shoved down my throat, especially since I don't care about any of that stuff. If I want One Guide, I'll download the App.

What I do care about is my friends list, which is now hidden off to the side in a menu that you now need to open, and my games library is hidden inside of a small box, which isn't even on the main home page.

Xb1ps41095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

My one guid pulls up my tv first every time, I'm sure it does other things that I might not have figured out but as of tonight it pulls out my tv and I love it like that..

From the home page you push the left pad and it takes you right into friends... You push the pad down and it has your most recent games then it goes into all of your dd game, all my games are dd, and it lands on "my games and apps..

You just sound bitter.. I mean you go on to say all you care about is your friends list but then say the community is a waste of space when it's a page that shows you what your friends are basically playing cause it shows the lates achievements and stuff! Lmfao like wtf...

Anyway can't please them all as they say.. I'm off to watch ash vs evil dead right off of one guide.. And that's right after playing tomb raider of course... From game to tv in no time, loving it...

phantomxll1094d ago

"- The One Guide is a complete waste of space, and should be relegated to being an app for those who are interested in this sort of thing."

Here's a shocker... your views might be in the minority. Which is why the One Guide ia one of the main tabs. I love it!

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Xb1ps41095d ago

I love it... But please tell me that I can play pandora in snap but not take up the screen.. Just please tell me I can play it in the background, I just haven't figured it out and someone can show me....

UncleJerry1095d ago

Yea this UI is amazing. I really can't say anything bad about it. Sure there is always room for improvement, but job well done by the UI team. I can't wait until Cortana is added. Also hoping to here about background music sometime soon. But yea, best console UI yet, hands down IMO.

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Jide1095d ago

Loving the NXOE with my Elite controller

Black0ut1095d ago

NXOE is definitely a super fast UI and I'm loving it so far. Brilliant job guys!

SolidDuck1095d ago

Well the ps4 UI was much better to start with. Now this new x1 UI even feels like a step up from the ps4's.

FriedGoat1095d ago

just got an Xbox saturday, to be honest I think it's a confusing mess. When i'm downloading something I have to go to Home, scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit my stuff?

Theres no indicator of the speed of download either.

The home screen is a genuine shambles, the store is so unorganised I cant even find a section for free to play games? I really cannot see how people are saying this is good.

ninsigma1095d ago

If you're confused now fried then be thankful you didn't get it before the nxe came out because the original was a hell of a lot worse.
Yes the store still needs some work so you can navigate to different types of games. It's still the worst part of the ui.
The main menu though is a lot cleaner than it used to be and the moving left to bring up the slide in menu to go to friends/messages etc is pretty handy.
A few things do need a bit more work but honestly it is a step forward from before.

BallsEye1095d ago


No idea how on earth anyone can get lost in there. You can pin anything to The dashboard so you won't have to go in any menus. Try pressing options button on your controller. Depending on the active element, it will show you different options (and additional information).

Scatpants1095d ago

I still like the simple streamlined interface of the PS4 more, but this is much better than it used to be.

UncleJerry1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

@friedgoat: Try using the R trigger to go directly to "mystuff" from anywhere on the home screen. Also, in what other UI do you not have to go into some sort of menu or app to see your download? It's really easy to get there and it works quickly. Also, it may not show the speed but it does show the percentage. I don't remember any console actually indicating the speed though. And I really think you are exaggerating on the whole "UI is a mess" thing, but that's just my opinion.

BTW I'm pretty sure you can get the downloads and apps up in the snap-guide on the game screen, but backing out to the dashboard is very quick and easy anyways.

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Ciporta19801095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I hate this new ui. I cannot express enough how angry I am with this shitty console now. It is now convinced that my WiFi password is wrong now, except for about 10 minutes ago when it worked for about 5 mins then told me it was wrong again. After fighting for hrs I've had enough so I used my pc's powerline adaptor and my Xbox one can't even stay connected via wired internet. Obviously instead of some help or advice I'll be called a troll who doesn't own an Xbox. That or it will be blamed on my internet that my ps4 is connected to right now, wirelessly with the password my Xbox one says is wrong.

Edit: A disagree already? What are you disagreeing with? That I'm having these problems or that I'm mad?

ImAPotato1095d ago

Go on Twitter and tweet @XboxSupport and they will help you to the best of their ability.

Ciporta19801095d ago

So I have to create a twitter account just to get my Xbox to work after ms release a broken OS?

KiwiViper851095d ago

or the forums, just sign in with your gamertag

MrEnglish1095d ago

No you dont need to create a Twitter account, you could pick up the phone also and call the tech support line..... Pretty simple really

Gwynbleidd1095d ago

There has been a problem like that during the preview, the fix was:

"Pull out your external hard drive/ USB devises and do a hard reset it should fix it, its a known problem. To do a hard reset, simply hold your finger on the power button for 10 seconds and then disconect the console for about 30 sec from power."

try that

Gwynbleidd1095d ago

An other general bugfix for WiFi problems from the forums is:

"I was having the same issue however once I cleared the Alternate MAC Address, as the others did above, and restarted my Xbox, it connected fine to my wireless network."

"Go to network setting. Then advanced settings. Click on MAC address. Then click clear."

pinkcrocodile751094d ago


Cyngor da bore da. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

Gwynbleidd1094d ago


Thx to welsh - english Google translator:

dim problem :)

BumpFrankie1095d ago

I've owned 2 Xboxes now, currently the elite model, never have either one had a single problem with my WiFi. Sucks that your box is having issues. Its the exact opposite for me and my PS4, that thing has consistent issues with my WiFi. No other device in my house has any issues at all, just my PS4 its very frustrating

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