Star Trek Online set in 2409

Cryptic creative boss Jack Emmert has just confirmed that Star Trek Online is to be set in 2409, 30 years after Star Trek Nemesis.

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Lumbo5791d ago

It was an interesting lifestream, wohooo starship here i come.
It will be interesting to see how they handle the exploring and trade compared to the fighting. maybe even a mid-late 09 release :D

TornRaptor5791d ago

Agreed i enjoyed the whole thing, 2009 would be good, im guessing late 2009 to early 2010

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5791d ago

...PS3 Still going Strong!!! ;-D
xBox 360 DEAD!!!...er died 2009... ;-D


TornRaptor5791d ago

lol yeah still going strong cause sony ceased making consoles because of the miserable failure that is the ps3, in 2409 the xbox holodeck reigns supreme. lmao

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5791d ago

You mean the xBox 360 is a miserable failure!!! ;-D
Like the xBox 1 before it!!! ;-D
It will be in 2409...PlayStation Holodeck(FREE to USE to!!!) ;-P
Wait and see...meet me back here in 2409...er erm... ;-D

TornRaptor5791d ago (Edited 5791d ago )

Lol i didnt mean it, i just love poking fanboys with sticks to see how upset they get, i love both consoles.
You made a fine console Mr Kutaragi.

hynesa025791d ago

we have a common enemy...

The Wii


Star Trek Online: Both Worlds is now on Xbox and PlayStation

The long-running, free-to-play Star Trek Online has expanded once more - and this time it's the new Both Worlds season that comes to Xbox and PlayStation.

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Cryptic Studios impacted by layoffs

Cryptic Studios appears to be the latest Embracer-owned company to be impacted by layoffs.

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Janeway Comes To Star Trek Online: Shadow’s Advance

Fans are getting their Janeway fix with the latest update. Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of online games, and Cryptic Studios announced Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager will make her Star Trek Online debut in Shadow’s Advance.

Knightofelemia874d ago

Was never really a big Voyager fan I did watch it they reused a lot of the same story arcs time travel, slip stream, the borg, thrown closer to home. Best aliens I like that were introduced in the series were the Hirogen would love to see the Klingons take them on in a war.

Garethvk874d ago

The big issue was it was hard to have any consistency as you knew they were not going to mysteriously get home and Villains had to be infrequent as they were going through their space and would in time be out of range of their influence. There was a plan for the ship to get home via a new technology early in a mid season and then have them go to and from the Delta Quadrant and Federation as the story needed but that was nixed. I think not showing what happened when they actually set foot on Earth was a huge issue. I am hoping Picard addresses it.

Knightofelemia874d ago

There were plans to show a few episodes of what happened to the Voyager crew once they came back to the Alpha Quadrant but that fell through. Voyager was ok but it's not TNG or DS9 those two series I liked Enterprise with Scott Bakula was good I could never get into the Captain Kirk Star Trek that was before my time.

Garethvk874d ago

DS9 was great. I have not been able to get into Discovery. I do not like the characters or stories. I do not expect Xmas lights but the fact that it is 10 years before Kirk yet the ship is so much more advanced even before they went into time has not worked for me. Mainly dislike the characters. Prodigy lost me at the first episode but Lower Decks has grown on me and I have liked Picard.