DualShock 4 controller catches fire during gameplay

A GTA Online gameplay session ended in the PS4 controller catching fire.

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Relientk771067d ago

This usually happens to me, not because the controller malfunctioned, but because I'm The Human Torch and I forget to turn my powers off

Abash1067d ago

This story is going to make all button mashers very uneasy when they play games now

nX1067d ago

I don't think this story will have any effect on how anyone plays his games as it's pretty much an isolated issue.

Abash1067d ago

@ nX

My comment was a joke O_o

dirkdady1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Moron should have used the regular charger for the controller instead of using a cellphone charger.

Lol at the people on reddit telling him not to tell Sony he used a cellphone charger when calling into support.

If it was a iPad charger that would have been worse as those things output 12 watts.

inveni01066d ago

This kind of happened to my PS3 bluray remote. The batteries started overheating one day. I happened to pick it up and it was really hot. I opened the back and the batteries were swelled and the plastic housing for the batteries was slightly deformed/melted. Remote still works. Hasn't happened since.

fr0sty1066d ago

Any lithium battery powered device, including the cell phone in your pocket, can do this.

81BX1066d ago

Clearly a joke there

inveni01066d ago

How the heck did I get disagrees? This site is weird.

XisThatKid1066d ago

They poorly just don't like your story. It's the the lack of up vote or down vote buttons."disagree"is the only option for disdain here that gives instant grad. disagree here obviously isn't literal. Don't sweat it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1066d ago

Did anyone else notice that the controller caught on fire because the person in question was charging his controller with an electrical outlet?


Crispy fingers was the reward for his foolishness.

RedDevils1066d ago

The only way to fix this site stupid disagree/agree system, is by get them to force them post a comment before making the disagree/disagree appear

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UKmilitia1066d ago

he used a phone charger(fast charger)to charge it and imo would of damaged the battery.
charging something to fast when its not designed for that is dangerous imo and things like pads should be charged using console or charging docks that give correct power.

XeroTheory1066d ago

I think that's the key term here. I've been using a wall charger for all 3 of my DS4s (and my DS3s as well), but its not that adaptive fast charge kind. Still no problems after a year of owning a PS4, and 7 years of owning a PS3.

player9111066d ago

While you are correct about this, devices have regulators to prevent this. Typically a USB is 500mAh. Fast chargers work by communicating over the data pairs and only push higher amps IF the device responds. What I suspect is the cable was bad, shorting out the data pairs. So it created a sort of loopback to the charger to push more. In this case, I doubt it was the controllers fault, but the cable, and would have blown up any device requiring a smaller input of power. The controller was not the cause but the victim here.

UltraNova1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )




Ok I'm done pheww

This was the most ridiculous trolling attempt I've seen in years..

"but then again M$ makes great products..."

Yeah just like the xbox 360 was! I mean it only had 50% failure rate.

Dude seriously get off the coolaid...


No we should not charge controllers with cellphone fast chargers...

nitus101066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

For my DS3 I could use my PS3 to charge it but that would mean leaving it on although I could set the timeout on my PS3 to 2 hours.

For years I have been using my PC to charge my DS3 (takes about an hour) however I really need to pair it again which is not a big problem. On a whim I actually used my Sony HDTV usb slot and found I could charge my DS3 (about an hour) without the need to pair. This is now my favorite method of DS3 charging. This does not work on my son's Bravia HTDV since it is a few years older than mine.

I have not got a PS4 yet since I have plenty of PS3 games to keep me busy while I wait for a price drop or an attractive bundle and there are some very tempting ones at the moment. When I do get a PS4 I will just use it to charge the DS4 since the DS4 charges even when the PS4 is on standby.

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babadivad1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Hmmm, is this for real?? I have my doubts.

Nevermind, seems to have been confirmed. But he wasn't using a PS4 charger so he can really only blame himself.

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Rookie_Monster1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Just an isolated incident. My DS4 controllers are cool as ice

Volkama1067d ago

That's because you keep them in the garden, to prevent them from polluting the Xbox-haven you've built for yourself :)

Unreal011066d ago

Haha great laugh. Cheers bro.

MasterCornholio1066d ago

Why do you store them in the freezer?

wsoutlaw871066d ago

This is why i wouldnt use cell phone wall outlet chargers. Some fast charge setups could be damaging to the controller.

ginsunuva1066d ago

The guy above used a custom cell-phone charger to charge his DS4 that caused this incident, not playing a game.

nitus101066d ago

Rather silly using a custom charger since the DS4 will charge from the PS4 even when it is on standby. It is possible the custom charger is more energy efficient than DS4 via cable to the PS4 while on standby although I have not done any testing. Anyone here who has?

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MasterCornholio1066d ago

Just a faulty battery.

Its not like we didn't have exploding batteries before.

sinspirit1066d ago

Better switch to gasoline powered controllers!

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Rookie_Monster1066d ago

"Its not like we didn't have exploding batteries before."

You are right. Several year ago we had a laptop brand that had recalled batteries due to exploding issue.
Watch Out for Exploding Laptops: Sony Recalls 26K Vaio PCs

Hmmm, maybe it is a Sony battery issue. Coincident?

SniperControl1066d ago


If you had bothered to click the link and read some of the comments, you would have realised that the damage came from the circuit board underneath the battery, the battery itself is less damaged than the plastic it was sat on.

The burning came about because the numpty used a fast charging phone charger, but you already knew this and just wanted to have a dig at Sony.

nitus101066d ago


Gasoline powered controllers? Well you do have the problem with noise as well as pollution not to mention the weight, but you could emulate rumble really well on one of these. It would be interesting to get gaming hours for one tank.

There is a major problem with a gasoline controller and that is you have to be very careful of the gaming police pulling you over and testing you for alcohol and other banned substances and don't get me stated on mobile phone users. :-)

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DJustinUNCHAIND1067d ago

Should have included a built-in sprinkler system along with the battery, night-light, and speaker.

Rodney251066d ago

This happens when I use my ps4 to write my rap lyrics

iceman061066d ago

Yo...You spit hot fire like Dylon!?!? LOL

remixx1161066d ago

Yeah I put your latest mix tape into my ps4.........I no longer have a ps4 but you are now in my top 5.