Jade Empire Is Free On Origin For A Limited Time

If you haven't played Bioware's Jade Empire yet, the game is available for free on Origin "on the house", but only for a limited time.

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Yi-Long2037d ago

Great game. Nice to see it offered as free. Would love to see them make a new one.

Alexious2037d ago

Me too. I'm afraid Bioware has its hands full between SWTOR, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

thekhurg2037d ago

Well, SWTOR is handled by the Austin, Texas studio.
Dragon Age is complete.
Mass Effect is the only game we know about that the Canadian studio is working on.

Spectre_StatusN72036d ago


Dragon Age Inquisition is clearly going to have a sequel. It also won GOTY last year. EA would more than likely prioritize that over any Jade Empire sequel.

kaiserfranz2037d ago

Hopefully a lot of people will download it and maybe EA will finally decide to give the green light for a sequel.

ccgr2037d ago

Oooh I'll be sure to grab it!

callahan092037d ago

Still shows Red Alert 2 as the on the house game for me right now.

MicrosoftMackin2036d ago

U gotta search jade empire and it will show up

sullynathan2037d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

gonna get this ASAP .

edit. not working

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The story is too old to be commented.