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Is Xenoblade Chronicles X going to be a worthy addition to the Wii U library?

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iplay1up21069d ago

This is a great preview. It's nice to hear the game is "brimming with life" and the graphics are fantastic. Man I can not wait for this game, Christmas is coming early for me this year Dec 4th!

Yi-Long1069d ago

Original Japanese voices have been chopped out and have been replaced with a dub, and there's completely unnecessary censorship imposed on the western releases.

I was planning to buy a WiiU in 2015, for this game and the new Zelda, but now that the release of Zelda has been postponed and this release, for me, has been ruined, I'm glad I haven't bought a WiiU (yet).

Don't get me wrong, Xenoblade X seems like an absolute Game of the Year contender, but for me they have just ruined the Western release.

franwex1069d ago

Plenty of unnecessary censorship? Only the boob size creator and a teenager wearing more clothes dude. Not a big at all, I don't see how it's ruined.
Be as it may, you're the one doing yourself a disservice.

Yi-Long1069d ago

I didn't say 'plenty'. I said 'completely unnecessary'.

wonderfulmonkeyman1069d ago

The Japanese voices being replaced with a dub isn't a game killer, and the changes that people are screaming "censor" over are ridiculously overblown into bigger issues than they actually are.

I doubt you were really even considering it if issues this minor could drive you away from an otherwise excellent game.

Ck1x1069d ago

Once again if new culture and differences you would also known that many Western developed games are censored as well when they go east. You make it sound so one sided as if this is just a Nintendo thing. I would agree with you if they censored the hell out of Bayonetta 2, but they didn't.

Yi-Long1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

@MonkeyMan: It absolutely is a gamekiller FOR ME. You might be used to and OK with dubs in your movies, cartoons, and games, but for me, being from Holland, I have absolutely no interest in sitting through an unwanted American dub when it's a non-American product, in this case a game.

They should have left the Japanese voices in, as an option, like they did with Xenoblade Chronicles.

I could have lived with the minor censorship, although I feel it was completely unnecessary, but no original Japanese voices means I won't be getting the game, sadly.

Perhaps they could add English subs to the Japanese release, but I doubt they will.

Ck1x: What makes you think I would be OK with censorship going the other way!? The whole :"Oh, they do it as well so it's OK" argument, is stupid beyond belief. I would fully understand Japanese gamers deciding to boycott Western games when they're censored. They should.

Monster_Tard1069d ago


You've surely played other games where Americans voiced the characters, is it really that big of a difference that would keep you from enjoying the game? I thought the dubs were done pretty well in the last one, although maybe it's just the principle of it that bothers you, which I get.

TheColbertinator1069d ago


I thought Xenoblade was dubbed in the UK

irgei1069d ago

Totally agree here.. While the minor censorship and lack of original voices is no big deal for most people, it's an absolute dealbreaker for me..

Always sad to see how people can't understand why some folks just dont want English dub in a Japanese game.

and no this doesn't mean I will skip this game or anything BS like that, but rather wait for a reasonable price to get a Japanese WiiU and then play Fatal Frame and Xenoblade X unedited

MrBrofist1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

If the game is coming to Nations where English is the primary language it wouldn't make much sense for a developer to have Japaneses voice acting as a primary option.

I can understand if you couldn't understand English but you don't seem to have that problem.

They want this game to appeal to a wider demographic and not everyone cares for subtitles or Japanese VA.

Majority rules dude.

The bust slider is stupid but it's only a cosmetic change that most can over look.

I will be buying this day one because this will give Nintendo motivation to localize more sequels and other games that are exclusive to Japan well .

People forget this series was never going to come to the west and we BEGGED Nintendo to bring it here.

Closed mouths don't get fed. Refusal to buy a great game for something minor as VA and "censored" content is not going to tell NoA anything else but we don't want it.

Support what you love and voice your concerns.
Nintendo are gradually changing and are listening to feed back. Mario Maker is a prime example

Yi-Long1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

@Monster_Tard: I thought I was already clear on the issue, but I'll explain again:

I want the ORIGINAL voices to be included, as an option at least, in my entertainment. That means I want to be able to play Japanese games in Japanese, but it also means I want American games in English, and the same goes for TV shows, movies, anime, cartoons, etc etc.

I absolutely don't hate the English language. In fact, I'd say it's my favourite language, and I prefer it even over Dutch, which is my first language.

It's 2015. There's absolutely NO reason why the original language can't be included and offered as an option any more, in this day and age.

MrBroFist: You're wrong. Me not buying the game IS sending the message that I won't be accepting and supporting releases like these.

Vote with your Wallet.

Do I want these games to be released in the West!? YES! But I do want a respectful release, instead of a release that's been censored (without ANY good reason whatsoever) as well as missing the original voices.

I'm not saying they shouldn't do a dub (although personally I don't care about the dub and I would have preferred a subbed, uncensored release of Xenoblade X having been released 5-6 months ago...), but if you ARE doing a dub, at least make sure the original Japanese voices are still there as an option.

Like they did with the original Xenoblade Chronicles.

Segata1068d ago

You never planned to buy anything. Just be one of the cool kids and complain about something you never had any interest in. *yawn* Try something original for once.

3-4-51068d ago

Yi-long.......just stop.

People like you make all gamers look like mad angry pervs.

N4g_null1068d ago

Ahhhh that is sad. Was the original voices in the wii xenoblade? Anyway it sucks to need those thing to enjoy this game so importing is your only choice. Yet I don't care about the censored parts. As long as the mechs and the game play is in there.

It is actually sort of telling for people to want the things that where censored though.

iplay1up21067d ago

OMG, lame excuses! Really basically childish. If you are a Zelda fan WW HD is a fantastic HD remaster, also Twilight Princess HD in March. Personally I am thrilled I do not have to listen to the dialog in Japanese. As far as the boob slider, well I had not planned on playing as a female anyway.

If you really want the game in Japanese buy a freaking system from Japan. Or don't. I will be playing this December 4th, with no complaints!

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Rookie_Monster1069d ago

Man, I am seriously tempted of buying a used Wii U just to be able to play this game. LOVE the first one on Wii.

DivineAssault 1069d ago

If you can you should support them and buy the console new so these kind of games keep coming to the west. We almost didnt get xenoblade and the wii sold like hotcakes.. We're lucky to be getting this

PlatinumGX1069d ago

One of the many reasons to own a Wii U.

DiscoKid1069d ago

A game to break the mold! Good to have a nice meaty adventure to take a break from Splatoon with for awhile.

jholden32491069d ago

This game is going to be fantastic.

Grab a Wii U and a copy of Xenoblade X, Mario Maker, Splatoon, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8 and you're set for a couple years lol. Might as well toss in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Pikmin 3 too, just because they're that good.

deafdani1069d ago

Add Wonderful 101, Zelda Wind Waker HD, Smash Bros, New Super Mario Bros U and Mario 3D World to that list. All bloody fantastic games.

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