Here's why I think Black Ops III will kill Fallout 4 sales

DigitFreak: If compared the two games, it is quite hard to conclude which one is best and which one will kill the sales. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 also has loads going contrasting Fallout 4, which yet has an extensive way to go to perk up its gaming experience. The real question still renders unresolved, what exactly makes the COD so special.

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DarkOcelet1069d ago

"If compared the two games, it is quite hard to conclude which one is best ."

And thats where i stopped reading. Fallout 4 is so much better than Black Ops 3, there is no competition here.

Paytaa1069d ago

120% agreed. I honestly can't take someone seriously if they say CoD is better than Fallout. That's laughable.

UserNameIsNotTaken1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

The only thing CoD is better, is that it doesnt have lots of glitches and bugs.

kma2k1068d ago

@usernamenottaken tell that to pc gamers! BO3 is fucked up on pc!

OpieWinston1069d ago

This is where you don't bother giving this kid hits.

Especially when he capitalizes Black Ops 3 but not Fallout 4.

Says so much.

digitfreakbot1069d ago

Fixed the title, but I cannot help with the author's opinion. I don't agree to his opinion personally.

venom061069d ago

CoD fanboy article... Nothing to see here move along..

Rimeskeem1069d ago

The only thing Fallout 4 is worse at is the framerate

madmonkey011068d ago

lower frame rate but more stable

KyRo1068d ago

And the last gen graphics and the PS2 style hud and the endless bugs and the game breaking bugs which I are starting to crop up and the bore fest that Fallout actually is.

1068d ago
spaceg0st1068d ago

@hazardman are you an idiot or just talking out of your as*? Black ops 3's graphics are nowhere near last Gen. Clearly you haven't played it and spend way too much time trolling on n4g. There are plenty of comparison videos of last gen vs current gen black ops 3 graphics and it's night and day. Know what you're talking about before spewing that garbage.

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KyRo1068d ago

There's a lot of games better than COD. Fallout isn't one of them.

yellowgerbil1068d ago

a side quest in fallout is more engaging (and longer to complete) than a COD games entire campaign.
In what ways has COD evolved, parkour and jet packs that's about it.
Fallout has evolved to include an entire settlement game within its game (of my 40hrs about 15 has already been devoted to this addictive aspect). Not to mention the leaps and bounds evolution of the games combat, artistic style, and gameplay variety.

UltraNova1068d ago

" If compared the two games, it is quite hard to conclude which one is best and which one will kill the sales."

Surely grammar was the one who got killed there^^^... as for sales I dont know...

Jokes aside, why would anyone compare a 50 hrs RPG with a 6 hr (+ multi) yearly shooter, even when comparing only sales?

JackBNimble1068d ago

Exactly, how can anyone compare two games that are not even in the same genre?

Docknoss1068d ago

Yes! I'd rather be traveling the wastelands of Boston. Than playing a played out cliche call of duty.

Dawknight3161068d ago

They are talking about which game will sell more, not which one is better.

DarkOcelet1068d ago

He clearly said which one is best before he talked about the sales btw.

medman1068d ago

It always confuses me why people state their OPINION, and actually believe their OPINION is more valid than somebody else's OPINION. Hard to fathom.

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madmonkey011068d ago

wasnt there a report suggesting fallout 4 already sold 12millions copies? i think they can live with that.

slappy5081068d ago

Lol Fallout sold 12 million day one and steam statistics suggest that 12 times more people were playing fallout as compared to COD at any given point. So who exactly was negatively effected here. I'll make it easy for you: it wasn't Fallout

Mizikiel1068d ago

Fallout 4 didn't sell 12 million day one...They shipped 12 millon copys. They didn't sell even half of that

yellowgerbil1068d ago

12mil, 6mil regardless that is impressive. I believe fallout 3 has only sold about 9 or 10million copies to date and it has almost been a decade, to sell about that many on the first day shows that they are kicking butt. Meanwhile COD has been losing momentum ever since Stinky Fish 2 (COD:BO2)

GamerzElite1068d ago

Black Ops 3 is still broken after 10 days, Call of Duty is famous for its Multiplayer (me also bought this game for MP) but These days it is unplayable on all the platform. Last week on Steam 53k people were playing but this week it reduced to 9k. In UK Fallout 4 all ready beat BO3.

Livecustoms1068d ago

'me also bought this game for MP' ahahahah do you even 'English' ;)

GamerzElite1068d ago

Ooops Language Police caught me.... :(

Null1068d ago

Are you really complaining about a console game not selling well on the computer? Where are you complaining about call of duty games doing number that call of duty games normally do on PC ?

Eiyuuou1068d ago

Judging from the comments I can assume this isn't satire...

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