The PS4 is 2 Years Old Today: Here's the Highs, the Lows, and Everything In Between

Two years ago today, the PS4 hit store shelves before being ripped off them by gamers hungry for some next-gen gaming. Well, in North America. Europeans didn't get their hands on a DualShock 4 until November 29th, but that's by the by. We've seen some great games come and go on the machine, but we've also seen a few duds. It doesn't feel like two years has passed by, does it?

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crazychris41241072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Lowest moment by far was the decision not to bring the red MGS 5 bundle to North America. I was drooling over it ever since they announced it. No idea why they decided not to release it here in one of the biggest markets on the planet. Definitely the best PS4 bundle so far, hopefully we get another one in a cool color next year.

Genuine-User1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

It's a shame they didn't do that. I'm sure quite a few would have gone for the bundle.


Some of my favourite highs:

-E3 2013

-Uncharted 4 PSX and E3 demo. Two of the most impressive demo's I've ever seen.

-The Last Guardian's astounding return

-Horizon Zero Dawn reveal and subsequent hype and general positivity

-Ratchet and Clank reimagined - game and movie.

-The potential to create greatness in Dreams

-FF7 Remake

-Wild - from the creator of Rayman

-Virtual Reality specifically designed for the PS4

Some of the lows:

-The unusual lack of any AAA games for PS+ subscribers. It's been 2 years now, come on Sony.

-PlayStation Now's rent and subscription price

-Folders and custom background for those that want it. Just do it already.

Septic1072d ago

Interestingly, a lot of your highs relate to the future.

HIGHS= Bloodborne, Resogun. Fast UI/installation Future looks great with VR and Games

LOWS= DC, The Order 1886, Controller battery life, lack of many exciting exclusives so far.

I have high hopes on VR. I cant believe i haven't tried it yet but I keep watching shows/anime and thinking omg this kind of game would work so well with it.

The future looks super bright and I really hope VR is a game changer. It deserves to be. It just needs good execution in terms of software and boom, gaming won't ever be the same again.

Genuine-User1072d ago

All of my highs (bar one) relate to the future because I didn't want to list all the games I've enjoyed so far; it's a big list.

Unlike Crimzon and GrimDragon, I've enjoyed current-gen a lot.

And the future looks even better.

Crimzon1072d ago

The highs for me are Bloodborne and what's been shown of Dreams so far, it looks fantastic. The lows are pretty much everything else.

TwoForce1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Then you lost me. That's just great. "sign" I don't get it why you still downplaying PS4 articles all the times. I do understand that every PS4 games are not interested you, but you should know that not everyone like big games really. Gamers love game even they are indie games or AAA, it's still a game. I like How Sony get us more games for us to choose to play. Yes, i know they are not perfect, but they do know how to please comsumers even it not something i would expect but it works well actually.

Crimzon1072d ago

Well in the case of indie games, if I see one that I'm interested in then there's a high chance I will have already played it on PC long before the PS4 gets it. Two recent examples of this are Nuclear Throne and Broforce.

Genuine-User1072d ago

"The lows are pretty much everything else."

And that's where you lost most of us.

GrimDragon1072d ago

Sigh...where to even begin. Ok from the top.
The highs: e3 was a dud other than last guardian and yet another uncharted I wasn't impressed and my jaw was firmly in place.
Scoring call of duty at a time when we've had almost as many as assassins creed is a lot like getting that girl that everyone's been with.
The launch line up was complete and utter garbage not one single omg moment for that omg this is next gen gaming hollering that lead up to the launch.
The updates were nothing major as far as I could tell a few tweaks here and there per monthly update a few of which caused more problems than fixed is nothing to be proud of. Although the vita connect was a cool plus.
The lows: the Christmas outage was depressing compounded by the fact that whatever next gen games were available left much to be desired. This Christmas doesn't look like it will be much better.
A delay to polish up uncharted 4 could be a good thing but it's uncharted been there done that so don't really care how long the pretty game takes.
Playstation plus is literally not worth the price of admission.
The demise of P.T. And silent hills is something I don't even want to talk about.
Playstation VR could be something big or a huge flop only time will tell. The concept is great and it seems like a natural way to take games to the next level. But I fear it will be years before they really get it right and when they do you can bet a proper VR system will cost well over 1000 dollars. So you see there's going to be some sacrifice in order to make it consumer friendly and that means VR will not be what many expect and here is the potential for failure.
PlayStation now is a slap in the face to gamers everywhere. It's not doing well among gaming afficianados because who the hell wants a rental time limit on a game they once owned. It's a stupid idea and a blatant rip off. Say what you will but I will always believe ps can do bc but they rather make a steady stream of money off old games. It doesn't take much to grant a license of ownership to a digitally streaming game a few strings of code and that's it. Keep the dam games on your servers but at least allow people the option to obtain the rights of ownership of the game. If it's a cost thing and a fear of server overload you can't tell me in this day and age you can't fit an emulator in the ps4 and make the games downloadable because Iam sorry that's just total bs.
Again the remaster years are yet another attempt to capitalize on nostalgia and have people buy the same game with a new coat of paint. I don't support it I don't like it. It's lazy and is just filler for not being able to bring true next gen games to the front as was expected before launch. Not even a handful of new ip's I mean come on now this is just sad. Drive club? Really that's all you got? Iam not even going there.
So in a nutshell if anything Iam disappointed not only in Sony but Xbox as well though with Xbox not as much as Sony. At least with Xbox I genuinely see them trying. I can only recall enjoying a handful of games on both systems these past two years. Due to all the remasters, and sequels of been there done that games. Unlike previous consoles that started really hitting their stride by the second year I feel this gen is really dragging its feet.

DarkOcelet1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

"e3 was a dud other than last guardian and yet another uncharted I wasn't impressed and my jaw was firmly in place."

Um, Horizon?, Dreams??, FFVII Remake???, Shemue 3????!, Also Uncharted 4 gameplay was one of the most impressive showing in gaming history, it looks so damn good. None of those impressed you?

Then you must have one hell of a jaw. Because mine was on the floor the moment The Last Guardian was shown.

Also lets not forget GT Sports and Detroit and Gravity Rush 2 from Paris Game Show. Sony are doing great this gen and announcing exclusives left and right is just mindblowing.

Crimzon1072d ago

Can you really blame the guy for not being impressed with announcements for stuff like the FF7 remake and Shenmue 3? You just know they're games we're going to be seeing at E3 for the next three or four years. The Shenmue 3 announcement was pretty distasteful as well given how it was basically a Kickstarter announcement. Not really in the best of taste to sell tickets for cinema showings of your E3 conference and then ask all your fans to fund a game for you.

In general though, it seems that people are losing their minds over his comment for some reason but I think what he said was reasonable. He seems kinda down on this console generation in general and I can't blame him for feeling that way since I've been of the same opinion myself. Software has been lackluster aside from Bloodborne, and all of the remasters and microtransactions and DLC is just sad.

The cancellation of PT was tragic as well since it's one of few games that actually looked like it could be something special, but that's gone now and even though it wasn't anything to do with Sony, I don't see why it should be excluded since it was a genuine low point for PS4, and the Xbox and PC as well.

Spotie1072d ago

C'mon, Crimzon. Even people who've never played the originals know how big those two games are. And not just for Playstation, but for gaming as a whole.

One is a cult classic fans have been anticipating for years. It may never have had a huge following, but it was revolutionary for its time, and has become a legend in both good and bad ways.

The other is a remake of, arguably, the best JRPG ever made. Especially after the return to other entries in the franchise, a remake of VII was heavily desired.

Just these two things alone- not to mention how big TLG, Horizon, and Uncharted are- are enough to cast doubt upon his "opinion." That's before he starts throwing asinine accusations about PS Plus, PSNow, PT, and the rest.

It's not even a thinly veiled attempt to troll Sony, and his comment history doesn't lend to any other interpretations.

Neither does yours, for that matter. It's a shame to see people actually defend trolling, but since you're doing the same thing, I guess it's not a surprise.

mike32UK1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

So basically everything that Sony has done so far with the ps4 is a con to you? Haha TROLL CITY

GribbleGrunger1072d ago

A wall of nonsensical text to simply tell us which console you prefer. Magnificent.

joeorc1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

@GribbleGrunger + 6m ago
A wall of nonsensical text to simply tell us which console you prefer. Magnificent.

Exactly this!
In another forum you posted what MM did with dreams as a business opportunity for ps4 home usr.

On top of that, many keep thinking too narrow minded in " where is Sony's AAA games"

And really , I have to wonder, are they really looking @ the games in a manner of stale viewing, or what does this really mean for creative interaction between the user and an Application.

Think about what both you and I pointed out just with Dreams alone.

It seems to me there is many gamers that may not be looking at the vision and only just looking for the same thing, instead of something really new.

Dreams for instance is not just a game but a creative 3D canvas that the user can really bring to life! With being able to print your work in a 3D physical means for in real life!, combined with VR & playstation Move and you can send your creative work to a 3D printer! the only real limitation is your own creativity.

With dreams you could.
Make your own board game's & unique pieces for that game.

Make a Doll house, that you could make tiny furniture for a little girl , that would love such a gift.

Or bring
Real 3D game trophy's to life. Of the games you have completed. Not just the se trophy over and over but customer based. Unique looking.

As a matter of fact , share your work and others can alter it and make the piece even more unique.

If that's not innovative for a game console I do not know what you could call "innovative" that is as innovative as something like this for a game console that's been done before, because as far as I know , nothing for a game console has never done something like this.

since Sony is the only one out of the three doing this. I mean yeah you could purchase Lil figures from Nintendo of their iP's, or you can make something unique!

Sony & Media molecule both since even last cycle play , create , share creative gaming is now going further in its innovation.

If some cannot recognize that, than that's on the User, at least Sony & Media Molecule is giving you the 3D virtual Sculpting game tools to do it.

GribbleGrunger1072d ago


...Now, if only you could print out 3D representations of the Trophies in Dreams ... New DLC, new Trophies.

STARS1072d ago


OT, it's been a pretty nice couple of years to begin the new generation for PS4, here's hoping the games just keep getting better from here on out!

joeorc1072d ago

@GribbleGrunger + 8m ago

"...Now, if only you could print out 3D representations of the Trophies in Dreams ... New DLC, new Trophies"

Well I wouldn't see why you would not be able to do just that, I mean the trophy looks like a chalice anyway, so I see no reason why you could not make 3D chalices that are made with LiL etched slogans or sayings. Media Molecule could make a few and people could change the scripting , hell the look of the trophy's..

I imagine a bloodborne one with batwings and black swirling cloaks around the chalice, with red tinge to the chalice.

Jayszen1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Your comment is nothing more than railing against PS4 and telling us you prefer the Xbox.

One can hardly blame Sony for the situation with P.T. and Silent Hills as the game dev was Konami and it was they who wanted P.T. withdrawn from online.

So 'Uncharted' is 'been there done that, but 'Halo', 'Tomb Raider' are not not?

PS4 actually released more games this year than Xbox. Yes, they did not have a major AAA exclusive this Christmas but they had plenty other exclusives available such as 'Until Dawn', 'The Uncharted Trilogy', quite a few JRPGS, Indies and a whole load of AAA multi-formats games that actually have extra content on the PS4. By the same token, Xbox did not have any exclsuives for the first eight or none months this year. Most gamers play games throughout the year not only at Christmas. Considering the huge number of AAA multi-formats releasing at the end of the year, no one, whether you play on Xbone or PS4 should be short of games to play.

Unlike Microsoft and the 360, Sony has supported the PS3 right up to the end and their first party studios were still releasing PS3 games right up into 2013 which is one of the reasons why it has taken them longer to get up to speed on making games for PS4. Even now, one is not short of new games to play on the PS3. I and millions of other gamers appreciate that about Sony right from the PS1 days, that they have supported their outgoing console well into the lifecycle of the new console.

Sony has also announced plenty of new content at E3, Tokyo and Paris game shows and PSX is yet to come in a fortnight!

Shy_1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

from what i read in his comment.. while things like calling Uncharted "been there done that" is a little much for such an excellent franchise.. never did he say xbox had better games.

"So in a nutshell if anything Iam disappointed not only in Sony but Xbox as well though with Xbox not as much as Sony. At least with Xbox I genuinely see them trying. I can only recall enjoying a handful of games on both systems these past two years."

thats all he mentioned about about blow things out of proportion and make your entire comment about how PS4 is better than xbox..

Imo, releases have been somewhat lackluster from both consoles. It does seem to be getting better though, which is exciting to look forward to

nix1072d ago

I swear the only time i was really pissed off with sony was when they pulled the support plug off the Logitech GT wheel and started supporting the shitty Thrustmaster T80.

Shittiest decision ever. But I'm not so burnt as you are. Lol. You need help bro.

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sonic9891072d ago

time flew by very quickly .
i barely enjoyed anything, in my opinion the generation started with bloodborne and mgsv and tearaway unfolded .
the first was bad just a wasted time .
hopefully from now and on we get the awesomeness of the PS1 and the PS2 era .
NOTE : 2016 is sick already gravity rush 2, the last guardian, tomorrow children ,persona 5 , ratchet and clank , mirror's edge and if another quality platformer announced, then 2016 would be one of the best times i had with gaming .

MasterCornholio1072d ago

I bought my PS4 at launch in Spain.

From the very first day I enjoyed the gaming on the system. I never had dry spills with the system. Developers managed to release good games all year round for the system.

I did go through some bad moments with it though. Like when PSN was down during December for example. But the positive experiences I have with it far outweigh the negative.

Overall its been a good generation for me. I always had something good to play which is all that I ask from a console.

FoxyGotGame1072d ago

Only low is that I expected PS4/X1 to be able to manage 1080p/60fps before these 8th Gen systems launched ...

But, I'm still enjoying the experience /

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