Final Fantasy IX turns 15: Why the classic PlayStation RPG is as brilliant today as it ever was

Swordplay, sorcery and more twists than an M Night Shyamalan movie.

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FallenAngel19841067d ago

I really enjoyed this game, I'm hoping it gets the HD remake treatment next

JonahNL1067d ago

Though the idea of an HD remake sounds enticing, I don't think it'll ever recapture that magical atmosphere. There's just something so special about the graphics and pre-rendered visuals of that era in gaming.

Hoffmann1067d ago

A true remaster that just removes the loading times for each battle, and removes any bugs + enhances the game graphics so they won't look crappy on modern tv's would be damn fine already.

Uglyday1067d ago

Would love to have the non 3ds version of FFIV on steam for the same reason. The older the rpg the better they age visually in JRPG land.

Relientk771067d ago

If there was an HD Remake I would go ape sh**

best game ever made, day 1 hands down

TheLyonKing1067d ago

Even hironbu said it was his fav. Everything is great, the battle system is flawless and easy while the story recreates the old fantasies while keeping the story fresh. Simply amazing, playing it on the psp right now, over leveled and I haven't even entered treno yet.

Aceman181067d ago

My 2nd favorite FF behind FF6.

Blastoise1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

"Ooo, soft"

Hoffmann1067d ago

It turned 15 in summer already and we celebrated it with an awesome music and art tribute on OverClockedRemix and Game-Art-HQ

link2Dpast1067d ago

diesnt get enough props. Very underrated. In many ways this game trumps a lot of the other final fantasies.

Warshade1067d ago

Though it holds its place as my third favorite in the series. There is no other game that has as much heart and charm. I do not wish for a remake but would love to see this game get a solid spiritual successor in HD on PC/High end console.

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The story is too old to be commented.