Ultimate Gaming Black Friday Deal Guide

Black Friday is closing in, and with major retailers having different deals, it might get hard to pick the best ones. There's a solution though - the Black Friday Ultimate Gaming deal guide, posted by Reddit user kylecornelius4040.

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guitarded771094d ago

Yes, I'm appreciative of someone taking the time. Apparently there are more games I want to get than I initially thought. I know Amazon price matches with their flash sales, so I'll sit at home and score the games. But now I have a gameplan of what to get. My actually pick up CoD for $30-$35. Finally gonna get Dark Souls II, Battlefield Hardline, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, The Witcher 3 and Batman.

VER1ON1094d ago

There are probaly more deals to come for sure. No worries!

syotos771094d ago

Will probably pick up smash at $25 for the 3ds. Finally getting a new 3dsxl

Lonnie181094d ago

Lego Jurassic World/GOW Remaster/Bloodborn all great deals and $45 for all is great for me :)