Store amiibo Displays Point to Roy, Ryu, Famicom R.O.B and More Animal Crossing Figures on the Way

It seems that if you're in North America the best way to see what amiibo are on the way is to head to retailers and look at displays. The amiibo market is so strong in the US, particularly, that major stores seem to be falling over themselves to promote the figures, and in the process are spilling on unannounced future arrivals.

Naturally the power of social media and the amiibo subreddit are in force, with all of the following coming from there. So, let's begin, and bear in mind these are all from US stores.

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DivineAssault 3169d ago

Didnt know there was a ryu amiibo.. i have to get that one..

Killzoner993169d ago

Do people actually buy this junk?

rocketpanda3169d ago

Yes they do, just look at the trend skylanders set. Now we have Disney Infinity and Amiibos and seeing how quick some of the popular figures sellout then go for crazy prices on eBay, then yes a lot of people buy it.

I certainly wouldn't call it junk. What I do find annoying is all the content of a game is locked behind toys. That certainly is not dlc, just a scam.

DivineAssault 3169d ago

like what? Ive never had an issue with any 3DS or Wii U games lacking content..

rocketpanda3169d ago

Yes, let the Nintendo fanboy take offence to something they thought they regard but wasn't in my comment. Where did I say "lacking content". Don't imply something or interpret things different.

All the content of the games I mentioned are locked behind figures you buy to maximise the content that is already on the disc. Amiibos less so and less intrusive compared to others like skylanders and infinity.

Next time read properly and not what you want to for arguments sake.

hellothere19773169d ago

"What I do find annoying is all the content of a game is locked behind toys."

Hmmmm, let me try to understand this...

I pay Bestbuy $11.30 for Amiibo ---> I get a decent quality collectible toy + Locked Game Content (call it what you will, it's DLC in a nutshell)

You pay XXXXX $14.99 for run-of-the-mill-DLC ---> You get Locked Game Content + well, nothing.

I fail to understand your gripe here.

marloc_x3169d ago

Multiple millions, yes.

I am sure a NFC equipped Kratos is on a drawing board somewhere😉


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