There Was Once an Open World South Park Game Planned for GameCube

South Park has had its share of dodgy games, including that rubbish one with snowballs as weapons on Nintendo 64 - c'mon, you know it sucked, admit it - though some reckon The Stick of Truth is a decent effort; not that Nintendo gamers had a chance to play that one. It seems, though, that a particularly ambitious project bit the dust in a past generation.

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dillhole2040d ago

Such a shame. Sounds and looks like it would have been awesome.

3-4-52039d ago

Maybe one day. Maybe for the NX.

Christopher2040d ago

I remember split-screen south park shooter (I think it was PS1?). That was a ton of fun. But, I can't see how that would have led to another game since it sold so poorly at that time. Was a fun, stupid game.

Genova842039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I had it on n64. You threw snowballs at turkeys. A better weapon was a yellow snowball. Pretty silly game but it was alright.

dillhole2039d ago

The first level on the Ps1/N64 game had me thinking 'hey, this might not be so bad once I get a proper weapon and I get past these turkeys' - then I realised that every level is basically turkeys and snowballs. Still I don't think it was as bad as everyone says.

Rivitur2039d ago

We knew this! In fact there was already an article about this here in n4g about 23- months ago! Stop reading neogaf you're drunk.

hkgamer2039d ago

thank god it didn't happen. It wouldn't have been any good.

Actually, when I first heard about stick of truth, I was dissapointed that it wasnt a 3d open world RPG. Then after playing it, I noticed that sticking to 2D is the best thing to do.