LittleBigPlanet is targeted towards everyone

LittleBigPlanet isn't even out yet and it's already being called revolutionary. Part of this is the target audience; the game is for anyone, says the producer.

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Viktor E3774d ago

Not a single gamer is left out from the AAA Exclusive Software lineup

theKiller3774d ago

it will suck to play with some bots that have pictures of anti sony sack boy!!

DavidMacDougall3774d ago

May there heads be struck from there shoulders

theKiller3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

the game of this generation and a revolution to gaming like youtube did with internet.

and before anybody ask me what about MGS4 i would say its the game of man kind!!

psdirect3774d ago

They are two different games. I agree with you. LittleBigPlanet will introduce something new, whereas MGS4 has perfected the action adventure genre.