Mario vs Sonic: The Nondebatable Final Say and collaborate in this article that examines the eternal question, "who would win in a battle between everyone's favorite plumber and that hog in the hedges?" A winner is definitely determined here.

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OldWizard3723d ago

great article. mario would dominate that pathetic sega lackey.

LoVeRSaMa3722d ago

Sonic, erm hello?

Fat Plumber or Sonic.

Sonic turns into super sonic, anything he touchs dies instantly, hes also the fastest by far.

how wold mario even keep up.

great topic, but really Speed + his ability of spikes and sipnning ect..

Stoneroses63003723d ago

This article is 100% right. Mario can break bricks with his head. He has drop kicked a tower into a pile of rubble. Mario wins easily.

abuballoo3722d ago

The writer of this article named all of Mario's useful power ups as well as lameass power ups, but he failed to mention Gold sonic, which would easily trounce any power up Mario has (even the star because it lasts longer than a Power Star).

saf1007923722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

not to mention sonic is like 100x faster than mario and sonic has power-ups too

P.S. breaking bricks with your head is not really an amazing feat because plenty of people in the world do it. Now if someone could run as fast as sonic he would be in Beijing right now

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The story is too old to be commented.