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Dragon Fin Soup is a great game trapped in a terrible game’s code.

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Nivekki2173d ago

I thought it was terrible. I've played a lot of rogue games, but this was pretty crap tbh.

2172d ago
SegaSaturn6692173d ago

The visuals are garbage and gave me seasickness. Tbe game mechanics seemed really awesome, too. Shame it wasnt refined.

The best roguelike ever is unlosing ranger on the psp. Stick with that.

2172d ago
ZaWarudo2173d ago

The game is actually great but it seriously needs some patching.

2172d ago
rextraordinaire2170d ago

I could form an opinion if it didn't crash every 10 minutes. Seriously I've never had a game crash that much, not even DA:I on ps3...