GOT2LISTEN Episode 28: History in Video Games

For this week's episode of GOT2LISTEN, the GOT2GAME guys decided to mess around with the format of the podcast. In the past, their episodes heavily relied on the news segment. But they figured, there's a lot of sources for listeners to get news from and have chosen to instead spend time talking about topics and the games they've been playing from week to week. Of course, this is a work-in-progress but they thought putting more of a focus on topics would result in more meaningful conversations that are hopefully more engaging for fans to listen to.

First, Jason gives his impressions of the multiplayer portion of this year's Call of Duty. With the recent release of Fallout, a game from Bethesda who is a developer known for having bug-filled games, they discuss the patch-ridden culture that has taken over the gaming industry and ponder whether or not consumers are too lenient on game creators.

To end things is a lengthy discussion about history, as told through video games, and prime examples of games that succeeded at educating the player and those that didn't. They also talk about what points in history would best suit being made into a game.

As always, thanks for listening.

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