Sony makes it back to even.

For a while this year, it looked like Sony Corp.'s (NYSE:SNE) stock might never recover from its battery recalls and Playstation 3 delays.

But, things have started to move Sony's way. After opening the year at $41, Sony's stock got as low as $37.25. The shares are now back to about $43.

Sony has done a number of things to save its own hide, and some of them may be working. The company is working on a number of ways to get its studio content onto multiple platforms, including its own Playstation portable. Sony is even working with flash memory sticks that allow movies to be played on cell phones.

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Maddens Raiders5254d ago

investor this makes me happy. Don't get me wrong though, I'm still looking long-term and big picture. I want all of gaming to do well.

XboxKing5254d ago

I'm with you I. Would like to see Sony have 40% of the gaming market and MS and Nintendo have 30% or so each.

XboxKing5254d ago

They always make a come back

Maddens Raiders5254d ago

I don't know about you, but I remember the glory days when Playstation was going at it with Nintendo and then XBOX always fighting, but a good fight. The best games and most innovation was to be had at that time. I won't go into a diatribe to prove the point, but 1990 - 2005 was a very, very good run for SNE and gamers ALL in general. Remember we're talking about an outfit that's sold nearly a quarter million home consoles. So 40/30/30 - that would be beautiful with a good old-fashioned shoot out of HD games galore! It's coming! I just feel like game fans and companies (SNE and MS) have made this all too personal. Let's Game Folks.

Maldread5253d ago

Compitision benfitts gamers all round, regardless of which console you have. Thats`s what fanboys don`t seem to understand.

For Sonys part, they need a lower price and to keep exclusives and create good ones itself ( don`t rush Motorstorm by the way). Otherwise it will be Microsoft who get`s the 40 mark or more.

shysun5254d ago

Only 5 comments?LOL I guess the haters must avoid the Good news for Sony!:P

DC RID3R5254d ago

(sega and nintendo) were still duking it out.

companies with actual GAMING heritage, rather than co-orperation laiden whores battling it out for financial supremacy!

sure it was about finances back in the day too, but sega's and nintendo's visions were solely gaming based, not financial.

most kids seem to think sony=games!?!? wtf??

sony's heritage has NOTHING to do with games whatsoever! if you don't know get to know(radios).

at least ms's heritage comes from SOFTWARE. (without software, no program code.)

now don't get me wrong, i'm not a hater, i give props where thy're due. sony have not only snatched the baton and ran with it, they've DOMINATED the gaming division like bobby lashley!

i'd just much prefer a GAMING company to dominate a GAMING market, to actually know a significant amount about GAMING.

Rooted_Dust5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

Nintendo brought Sony into the video game buisness when Nintendo wanted to develope a CD add on for the SNES, kind of like SegaCD, but Nintendo betrayed them for Philips even though they never made the add on and went with cartridges for N64 . So Sony went Solo, and ultimatly kicked Nintendos a$$. Sony got into gaming for revenge.

Maddens Raiders5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

that's true, SNE got pwned by Nintendo when they told them to take the SuperDisc made by some guy named "Ken" and shove it up there arses. I think that's been SNE's biggest motivating factor against Ninty since the end of the SNES.

Rider360 - You make good points re: the gaming aspect of the biz and how the manufacturers have lost sight of that. I think that these guys are drinking there own kool-aid at this point and to a certain degree have forgotten about us gamers and the "good 'ol days" of gaming. Most kids these days have no idea that those times even existed and that the competition between companies was light-hearted and fostered invention after invention which we all benefit from today. Games have gotten so big and the revenue so juicy, that the giants can't hardly see us little gamers down here anymore. The cottage industry days are long gone. *sigh* The only good thing now is that the publishers have more "free" reign however still squeezed by the large console makers profit margins, but more creativity is fostered in part due to the leaps and bounds in technology and mainly SPEED since the old days. Speaking for myself, I will game til the day I die and hope that the console makers don't lose complete sight of the people out here that still just-love-to-game without all of the overhype and competitive cannibalism.