PS3's Future Rides on This Unlikely Superhero

Sony is banking on the inauspiciously named star of its new video game, "LittleBigPlanet," to boost sales of its PlayStation 3 console this fall -- and the homemade-looking Sackboy just might pull it off.

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sonarus3774d ago

Lol i think its a stretch to say PS3 "future" rides on LBP

Breakfast3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

No game on the ps3, has reached that status yet.

This game just might.

Edit @ Below:

No game (bold)on the ps3(bold), has reached that status (bold)yet(bold)

silverchode3774d ago

sonys halo is grand turismo 50mill>20mill

Cartesian3D3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

he means HYPE and advertising , not sale numbers or quality.. because HALO3 cant even beat COD4(a multiplatform title) in those terms..

3774d ago
The Wood3774d ago

only one side wants master chief

juuken3774d ago

Poor morgan. If only he knew that he had a clone running around on the Gamerzone.

The Lazy One3774d ago

Is that no game is as ingrained into casual society like Halo. For the 3 months leading up to halo, almost everyone I knew was talking about it. Regardless of the game quality, sony needs a game that's going to do what halo did from just a marketing standpoint.

Right now 360 has Gears and Halo both at that point where their launches are going to be hard to pass up if you don't lock yourself in the house. Sony just hasn't built up the same kind of excitement behind their games for people that don't already know about them.

Omegasyde3774d ago

Breakfast you are right. To tell you the truth however Socom was suppose to be the answer to halo as far as hype/sales/multi-player.

Unfortunately Socom 3 and Combined Assualt failed for all the wrong reasons. However the new Socom looks like it going to be a hit. No one really hyped that game for some reason, yet the game has a lot of innovation i.e. using the controller to lean, proximity voice chat (hearing the enemies communicate based on distance)...

Casual/Bots=>Droids/Hardco re= sleeper hit.

dan-boy3774d ago

i shouldn't encourage you, but seeing the clone just made me chuckle...bubbles up!

although, another clone(to go with the already few that are running around) on here, with the likes of nasim and his 10 accounts and the new kids on the block "averageps3gamer" and his nemesis "average360fanboy"

and dont forget the very sad individual who goes by many guises which usually are "angryxbot" "veryangryxbot" and a few others(who's presence just shows you how much of a blind eye the mods will turn to blatant sony fanboys, and it's the mods fault that fanboyism runs rampant and unchecked on here...time for a complete new set of mods imo!)

add them all together and it's easy to see just how far this site has fallen since around jan/feb time.

if you own this site and happen to read this, can i make a suggestion?? get rid of the open zone: it just encourages the worst kind of fanboys, and replace every useless moderator who really are now part of the problem. otherwise, this site is just gonna degenerate into an even lower level than it is already!!

rant over. and i know i'm slightlly hypocritical for givin the morgan clone a bubble!!

Bon Scott3774d ago

the PS3s future might not be that bright.

They need a price drop,NOW,which is not going to happen,
and more JRPG games NOW.
Blu Ray has been serving it's purpose well so far though.
Who would of thought 15 years ago that a movie format could keep
a future gen gaming system alive?

Spydiggity3774d ago

i highly doubt this game is going to be the amazing, life-changing experience a lot of people seem to be turning this into.

and how did this thread turn into a halo discussion? first of of duty is a multiplatform title and didn't touch halo sales. second, halo is already showing it's going to be popular long after cod 4 is forgotten and we're up to call of duty 8 or whatever we're on.

and regardless of ps3 exclusive owners negative attitude towards halo, i guarantee you that if it was suddenly announced for ps3 it would be the system's first nation-wide midnight launch.
just cuz you choose to set yourself in the state of mind where you make excuses for sony and automatically hate anything that's exclusive for the system you don't own, doesn't make you right. just makes you ignorant.

back to LBP, it looks a lot more like a rental than a must have. i could end up being wrong, but i've seen all the same videos as the rest of you and i just don't see this awe-inspiring appeal that you all seem to. but you did that for haze and lair too.

rockleex3773d ago

Yea, this site has fallen since around Jan/Feb time because suddenly, people weren't so hell bent on hating Sony anymore. People love to kick the topdog while it's down.

It turned to a Halo discussion because 360 loyalists decide to bring up a non-related game to the subject... which backfired.

Yes, we were all doubting Little Big Planet too. Especially after months of hype. But then video game websites/magazines started getting their hands on the game and they absolutely loved the game.

Sure there was hype with Lair and Haze... although not much compared to LBP. But nobody had hands on time with those games to get a feel whether they would live up to expectations.

The hype for Little Big Planet is different though, if you hadn't noticed.

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Cartesian3D3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

its the most LOVELY game character of all time..

even Eurogamer said they were laughing for 1 hour after playing this game.
believe it.. its a MEGA-hit for all people from kids to mature people who just want GORE ..

day one purchase for f***ing sure

DavidMacDougall3774d ago

Yeah ill be gettin it. Not usally my type of game but i love the creating part

NextGen Exempt3774d ago

Although I agree that LBP will be a huge factor in how the PS3 performs, the PS3 isn't riding on this at all. There are many more good games to come for the PS3. The main one being God of War, which has always moved consoles for Sony.

mfwahwah3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Not to mention SOCOM is being released soon, and that's a big franchise in the PS world. Killzone 2 will also attract people, especially if the multi player is as good as it's sounding.

Also, whatever Team ICO is cooking up, it's bound to be incredible. Lots of people won't want to miss out on a Ueda game.

Omega43774d ago

If Sony market him well enough he might rise to stardom, maybe not Mario or Master Chief stardom but Rachet stardom.

Problem is the casual audience will likely pass on LBP due to the price on of the PS3

DavidMacDougall3774d ago

Mario kills the Green guy anyday and over here halo aint that big

The Wood3774d ago

you put master chief and mario in the same ilk of stardom..............facepalm.

chasuk083774d ago

Price isnt a problem in europe and japan as people can afford to pay for a better product, and thats why it outsells the cheaper 360. Its only the cheap ass americans who complain about the price, which is a fact !

LevDog3774d ago

Ok Sony doesnt need "One Hero" to save them.. In fact they dont need saving at all.. They dont need a Mario or a Halo.. Out of all 3 consoles Sony has Wider base of games for a Wider base audience.. PS2 blew every console outta the water without a Mario or Halo..

Sony doesnt need saving.. They just need games to come out.. and They have.. and starting next month, a Tidal Wave of games will be coming out..

I mean its to the effect I dont have enough money or Time to play them all..

The Wood3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

but that picture is borderline because i cant see if that person IS definitely a women.

@ morganhell

how is that cloning going. It starts off all good but ends up like single white female.

3774d ago
RememberThe3573774d ago

...they don't have to ride on one game or one game character. All the big games on the PS platforms add to the greater whole of the brand. I like that, it gives me the feeling that they have more to offer than just what we already know. Games like LBP, Patapon, Heavy Rain, and Eden, that might not have been accepted on other platforms are welcome on the PS and I find that really cool, but I'm sure thats just me... cue the disagrees :)

mfwahwah3773d ago

I def. agree.

Another "game" that's really caught my interest is Linger in Shadows. I doubt Nintendo or MS would even consider a "game" like that, it's just so different from anything out there (except the art it's based off of ofc).

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