The next Nintendo Wii to take us way into the Future?

That Nintendo's hardware developers are already working on the next generation of the Nintendo Wii is for certain. The Times Online has a report triggered by a statement of Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata. He said: "The hardware team started work on the next thing as soon as they were done with their previous project, but what they think up doesn't necessarily become a product."

Speculations on what Nintendo would release as a Wii 2 are manifold. Nintendo could just release a Wii with more CPU power that is able to handle media and games at higher resolution or they could just break the rules again and deliver something outlandish like a body-suit or brain interface.

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ChickeyCantor3719d ago

Amazing that it's something special to be working on their next project(console)'s been like this with every generation.
Why is it suddenly so special?

forum_crawler3719d ago

Because all the ignorance, and irritation of those who can't understand why their console of choice isn't "winning."

They will grasp at anything to put Nintendo in a bad light. Even if it means insinuating that they even Nintendo realizes their console is sub par, and therefore has started development of the next console.

I think people here think that introducing a new console to the market is as simple as making a call to new egg, choosing components and building it (that takes 10 min). Consoles are different beasts, and require much more planning and development than that.

Chubear3718d ago

Yup, all the way right into 2010. :P lol

rbnkm7063719d ago

It's because of fanboys. They feel like this generation was just a battle and they can still win the war. They've already tapped out and are now looking for the next fight. Plus misery loves company. If they can prove nintendo is "already" trying to put out there next console it's like saying nintendo admits to screwing up on the WII therefore allowing them to not feel so bad about there console under (then Nintendo) performance.

ChickeyCantor3719d ago

Doing so good compared to the last generations, how did they screw up?
They made massive amounts of money, enough to shut the company down and make every employee rich like a motherf*cker.

Its rather a smart move getting back financially...but who says their next console will stand next to the PS3 or 360 if we talked "specs"...they could still go with a simple system.....if they did that they would be "screwing up" twice...

Mr Fancy Pants3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

i like how rbnkm706 fight against the fanboys and there's not even one here. this proves my point that cores gamers don't care about the Wii. you can whine all you want but that not gonna change the fact that almost every core gamer think that the Wii it's crap.

now the real question would be: how many time do you think rbnkm706 that could take to create a new console? this takes years and some more years. this it's not something that you create in a month...

man why are all the nintendo fanboys so defensive? look how many comments are here...

edit: if you disagree could you say why? cuz i'm pretty sure that i am right... do you think that core gamers cares about the wii? or that consoles are made in a month?

come on i am not even saying something bad about the Wii... that's what i'm talking about, nintendo fanboys are too defensive. with that disagree you're just proving one of my points right.

Maxned3719d ago

Do you even own a wii? God I hate you people. Stop bashing it if you dont own one.
Nintendo already brought two Mario adventures to the wii, an amazing Zelda experience, incredible fps controls in Metroid Prime 3, and awesome 3rd party games like Okami, Resident Evil 4, Boom Blox, and more than 200 virtual console games. Not to mention the upcoming hardcore games like Disaster:Day of Crisis, Call of Duty: World at War and Quantom of Solace.

Lyan3719d ago

I disagree with you primarily because your ability to form coherent thoughts within a sentence is, to put it mildly, horrible. Not trying to be a jerk here, but honestly your grammar needs some work.

On the point of "core" gamers not caring about the Wii, I also disagree. Definition of what a "core" gamer is will always be subjective, to say the least. Some would argue that being "core" means you value all games and seek to enjoy those that are truly unique, inspiring, or innovative. Being "core" doesn't have to mean "I prefer PS3/Xbox360" or that you play 8+ hours a day. The fact that people seek out using part of a word to define themselves shows the depth to witch they think about video games. As in very little if that wasn't clear enough.

Other than that I agree with the majority of the other things you talk about. Fanboys are defensive, hence their label.

Shortstop3719d ago

He doesn't have to have the system to bash it. Maybe the reason he doesn't have it is because he doesn't like what it has to offer? You don't need to have something to know you don't want it. The Wii does not offer the same type of games that core gamers want. It just doesn't. People talk about Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc... but core gamers consider those kids games.

Personally I prefer realistic looking games with realistic gameplay. When I think of the Wii I just think of detached colourful bodies dancing around and everyone calling it "fun." Plus, I'm a major sports gamer, and considering how much more realistic sports games can and will be on the core systems; the Wii can't sell itself to me.

Mr Fancy Pants3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

1-- nice way to start a comment Maxned... that proves again that one of my points is right. i'm impress that you got somebody agreeing with what you just wrote cuz that has nothing to do with what i am talking about.

2 -- Lyan, yeah my english it's pretty basic but it is understandable and you should know that n4g is for gamers not only for english speaking people or are you trying to discriminate or being racist?

BTW you can know who is a core gamer when you try to see them through the eyes of a "normal person". a core gamer waste too much time on games, reading articles about the video games industry and arguing with strangers about games and consoles. fanboys could be called core gamers too.

my mom could play pac-man or boomblox all day and that doesn't mean she's a core gamer. a core gamer could appreciate games like boom blox but when more than half of your library consist of games like that then you my friend are not a core gamer.

if you only have a wii then you my friend are not a core gamer. if you have only a ps3 then you could be, if you have an x360 you probably are. why i said this? a lot of people bought a ps3 as a blu-ray player but people that bought an x360 was for playing games cuz it doesn't offer more. maybe now the netflix and that but mostly for games.

and i am a sony fanboy.

forum_crawler3719d ago

Core gamers don't play wii, or have no interest in it? That is false, since I would consider myself a core gamer. I play mostly PC games, and wii games. When I want eye-candy, why would I play console games? They don't even support proper anti-aliasing, or _insert_fancy_algorithm_here_.

Isn't it possible that true core gamers understand that there are many types of games, and therefore choose to play what they like? Do you really think that the PS3 or 360 give you the best "realistic" experience? Sorry, but the best can only be had with a PC.

Also consider this: All things being equal, a PC gamer, or even a wii gamer will always beat you at shooters simply because the interface is better. Mouse + Keyboard > wii-mote + nunchuck > analog pad.

I mean, why do you think there is no cross-platform play on UT3? Simple, it would be unfair...

Consoles take time to develop.

SuperM3718d ago

Core gamers play Wii. But does most core gamers care much about the wii? i dont think so. I think most people owning an HD TV dont play wii much. Infact ive heard so many times of gamers that have bought a wii of the hype and now they aint using it at all. Wii has some good games, but it also has alot more crap games then its competitors. The console is graphically weak and imo overpriced compared to the competition, as nintendo has earned cash of every sold wii console. Core gamers care about graphics. That doesnt mean they think its the most important thing with the games, but they have to meat a certain standard.

Yes there are core gamers that like the wii. Does that mean that most core gamers like the wii? i dont think so. You may disagree but its pointless. Just because you like the wii doesnt prove me wrong.

N4g_null3718d ago

Mr fancy pants by your own definition any one in gaming can be seen as not being a core gamer. I know some people still thinking about what they want but they argue on message boards all day long. The 360 is used for lots of thing other than gaming like watching TV, running Linux. It is a set top box also. SONY's and MS whole goal of being the set top box of the living room is not really about gaming because a console is made to be in front of all gamers from dedicated to passer bys.

You seem young and it seems you are trying to find your identity. Be careful about choosing your label to fit your self and others. Prejudice can easily be seen when others stamp labels on them selves. Your more likely to be that way if you only have one label. You claim to be a SONY fanboy but I'm an atari lynx, SNES, Neo-GEO, arcade, Nvidia, AMD ATI, Intel, excotic car, Kojima, etc fanboy. I just like gaming. Talking to gamers like your self helps me see what a few of you guys are thinking. Guys like you do not represent hardcore gaming as a whole. It is a collection of groups and if the casual keep buying the Wii at 600k a month then I would say thats pretty hardcore even when you have to hunt them down.

The only difference is you are bitter and part of the hardcore but you are not the whole. Wake up the PS3 is going to loose so stop trolling we will only keep telling why you are loosing.

There are more trolls in gaming than ever now. It about as bad as comic books back in the day. That's the sole reason why they went down and manga took over.

I'm actualy glad you guy do not want any part of the Wii and nintendo found away to make the true fans happy by bring us games from lots of console on the VC and putting out all the games we wanted in the first two years along with Wiiware. They are coming into their own and they are good for gaming maybe not for your type of gaming since you really need a PC for that hey but that's your problem isn't it?

Good game kid

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JBaby3433719d ago

I don't care about the Wii and probably won't care about the Wii 2. I just clicked on it for the girl.

I'm a guy what can I say.

Agent VX3719d ago

Yep, my words exactly. She looks like she is light in the "Chest Department" and follically abundant in the lower region.

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