Philips BDP9000 Review: You're Better Off with a PS3

Philips' first Blu-ray player has finally made its way out the door and the folks at CNET ain't that impressed. Sure, it's one of the best-looking high-def players out there and it comes with a kick-ass remote, but feature-wise the BDP9000 lacks HDMI 1.3, doesn't support any of the new audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby True HD, and most importantly, it's still a helluva lot more expensive than buying a PS3.

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Maddens Raiders5259d ago

this makes the third player that the PS3 BD player has whupped hands down in the last three weeks. What the hell is goin' on?lol

uxo225259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

I wonder what would be the result if someone put the PS3 up against the Sony Standalone player? I would have thought that that would have been done by now. If for no other reason, to see of it contains generally the same parts.

Gears5259d ago

You can't get a PS3 and all of the BR players are crap and twice as much as HD-DVD. I am glad I didn't jump on the blu-ray bandwagon, HD-DVD for the win!

wildcat5259d ago

Blu-Ray has more support in the film industry than hd-dvd though so that means a larger variety in high-def movies.

power of Green 5259d ago

Sony always has all the support in the film industry at first.

TheMART5259d ago

Besides BR Sony also made the formats Betamax, Minidisc and UMD

What do they all have in common? They all failed

MicroGamer5259d ago

I thought Sony said it was impossible to play Blu Ray movies without HDMI. So which is it?? Apparently Philips thinks you don't need HDMI. Is this the mark of a split between Sony and the rest of the Blu Ray camp already?? Was Microsoft right about HDMI not being needed this early??

xfrgtr5258d ago

hahahaha,how old are you?5 years old?of course there is hdmi,not the 1.3 means you have the 1.2.And you can play bluray movies(1080i) throught analog with the ps3 and any bluray players like the hddvd players since the ICT will not be activated for at least 3 years.Check some reviews of any bluray or hddvd players and you'll see they all come with hdmi and analog support.

DJ5259d ago

PS3 keeps on beating other Blu-ray players on the market, something that the 360 can't say in relation to its HD-DVD drive.

power of Green 5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

Hmmm. Blu-ray getting a bad rap of any kind is damaging in itself.

Quote: PS3 keeps on beating other Blu-ray players on the market, something that the 360 can't say in relation to its HD-DVD drive?.

^^^ LOL 360 add-on out performing the stand alone players in feature's" would defeat the purpose of the stand alone player's and would hurt HD-DVD. Only you would find this as good news.

Kind of like PS2 vs PS3, folks are suppose to be upgrading to next-get not buying PS2's.

A Game console out performing stand alones in feature's what does that say to the average consumer about BR in general.

darx5258d ago


Not good for blue ray.

Gears5259d ago

I was reading the review and stated my opinion about another crappy standalone Blu-Ray player. Atleast the Ps3 is better at playing movies.

wildcat5259d ago (Edited 5259d ago )

I don't get why they can't make it like the ps3's blu-ray player. Why wouldn't they just mirror it?

Gears5259d ago

Maybe Sony knows something they don't.

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The story is too old to be commented.