Xenoblade Chronicles X: Nintendo Removes Breast Size Slider For Custom Characters in the West

It was reported a while ago about the removal of a few revealing outfits for Xenoblade Chronicles X‘s Lin Lee in the western version of the game, but apparently that wasn’t the only change Nintendo made.

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Snookies122631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Wow, really? It's not really something I'd care too much about normally, but removing an entire customization option just for censorship? Man Nintendo of America need to stop all this censoring, it's just getting ridiculous.

Yi-Long2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Yet another case of completely unnecessary self-censorship. Tragic. Pathetic. Sad. Cowardly.

Summons752631d ago

Can you blame them though. You can't walk down the street admiring the beauty of nature and minding your own business without pissing someone off starting a race/sex/political war. I don't agree with the change at all but at the same time everyone has something shoved up their A** so businesses want to avoid pissing people off as much as possible. Lose/Lose situation sadly. Still can't wait for this game, the scale of the world looks amazing.

Yi-Long2631d ago

I absolutely DO blame them. It's not their job to please EVERYONE, which is impossible, but censoring the product out of fear of some POSSIBLE negative reactions, is just WRONG, pure and simple.

Not to mention in real life you will have boobs of different sizes and it's got NOTHING to do with sex, but simply how the human body is designed. Nobody should even be upset about this option.

2631d ago
raWfodog2631d ago

But i doubt it will take away from anyone's enjoyment of the actual game, at least not mine. I honestly didnt even know that was something we could customize on our characters. But maybe some were really looking forward to it, I guess.

etebitan2630d ago

They just lost a sale.. This censorship is pathetic...

Mr Pumblechook2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

"Nintendo Removes Breast Size Slider For Custom Characters in the West."

Stupid West!

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Nonscpo2631d ago

This is the problem when people let these companies get away with the small elements of censorship, once it's introduced it only grows and expand it doesn't DE-escalate.

WickedLester2631d ago

If the option had never been there at all would you complain? Honestly of all the things to be mad over. Its a stupid thing to be in the game in the first place. It'd be like giving us the option to adjust the crotch size on the male characters. I'm not typically for censorship either but come on, have some perspective! We're not censoring great works of literature here or the compositions of Mozart. IMO the anime-influenced oversexualization of its characters has gotten so boorish and predictable. Its long past time for the gaming industry to grow up and stop trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The "heh, heh, hehe, boooooooobies!!" crowd is just going to have to get over it.

Rachel_Alucard2630d ago


This has to be the most immature post I've read all day. Grow up? Yet you advocate censorship and brush off Japanese designs by saying they are immature and trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Any act of censorship is setting a standard regardless of what it does. If the option had never been there of course nobody would complain because the source material is laid intact, but way to strawman the arguement. I have bingo card to fill out in response

WickedLester2630d ago


Like I said, I'm not TYPICALLY for censorship but in this particular case, I agree with Nintendo's decision! It's a ridiculously juvenile feature that has absolutely no bearing on the game by removing it and I applaud them for doing it. Like I said, video games need to grow up!

Besides, self-imposed censorship by the company that's putting the game out is not the same thing as a Federal Government imposing it. Nintendo has every right to impose censorship because it's THEIR game! Sorry if some of you are so butt hurt about not being able to create a female character with a DDD cup size. There are worse tragedies in the world. Get over it!

etebitan2630d ago

Female bodies have various sizes of breast.. Hell some women get surgery for that.. You suggesting they inmature? Thats stupid.. It was an option which they should not have censored in the first place.. Wont buy this game now.. Nintendo is really inmature about its decisions..

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_-EDMIX-_2631d ago

I'm actually surprised they still do this. I get they have certain titles that fit that E rating, but if a game is Teen or Mature, let the developer and ESRB determine such things vs lets alter versions due to being Nintendo.

No wonder why so many decided to not side with them after PS entered gaming. If the game is teen....let it been teen, if its Mature....let it continue to be that. Everything doesn't need to be seaseme street

thorstein2630d ago

"Nintendo of America need to stop all this censoring"

It's not Nintendo. It is an overly repressed, incredibly "offended" society that demands it.

It is censorship, but it isn't the Japanese that are the problem. (consider Anime)

rextraordinaire2630d ago

Yet Saints Row has all that and then some, and it comes from North America.

iliimaster2630d ago

what this tells me is that the NX will not support voice chat, or games with mature content, same ol in a box nintendo, that leaves out gta 6 and or a port of 5 for the NX also?

N4g_null2630d ago

I'm buying this for giant mech not booby sliders. I'm sorry for all those boob lovers. Maybe the nx can let you buy directly from the Japanese market. These cultural changes are interesting. We use to just import and learn Japanese if we wanted them.

pcz2630d ago

this is why nintendo are losing the 'core' gamers, because they treat us like infants.

did you see the tone of the trailer nintendo used in their recent direct? it was almost as if they were trying to market it to children. it didnt work at all

TWB2630d ago

I wonder which has more to do with that, the fear of stirring up social justice outrage or Nintendos stance as being a child friendly company? Maybe both? because I cant think any other completely good reasons to remove such options. Its not like boob sliders are even a new thing.

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JohnathanACE2631d ago

Great more censorship. And the funny thing is Saints Row has the same thing yet it doesn't get censored.

raWfodog2631d ago

Yeah but Saints Row is an M-rated game I believe. Not saying that censorship is good or bad, but its not really an apples to apples comparison.

Servbot412630d ago

Sims 4 has breast slider and you can make your sims do it in a hot tub. Still rated T.

pcz2630d ago

probably because nintendo are publishing xenoblade themselves.

Activemessiah2631d ago

I bet that is still available in the japanese release...

Abriael2631d ago

Of course it is. That's the whole point.

_-EDMIX-_2631d ago

I'm playing the Japanese import now is.

someOnecalled2631d ago

japan doesnt care about this small things. americans however will find anything to fight over. this is nothing new ninty has always been scary

Ck1x2630d ago

You obviously aren't aware of Japanese culture reading your comment. Japanese are generally very loose with sexual and provocative showings, but they aren't to keen on our needing blood and extreme violence in games. So games that are coming from western developers and publishers have many parts that may be showing of extreme violence (for their culture and taste) censored.

I'm not condoning the censorship of that element out of the game, but the title is already a niche game and maybe they don't want it associated with negative press regarding breast sizes.

To those that say they aren't buying this game because of this, you weren't getting the game in the first place. Let's really be honest here! FE Awakening characters didn't even have feet and that doesn't change how amazing that game turned out. The western public just looks for anything to complain about. Yet broken, horribly optimized and unfinished games get rave reviews...

Scatpants2630d ago

And yet Japan censors their own porn.

Number-Nine2631d ago

a slider for breast size is ridiculous anyway

Snookies122631d ago

Why...? Women naturally have different bust sizes in real life. No reason it shouldn't be a customization option for character creation.

Number-Nine2631d ago

is there a bulge slider for males?

Snookies122631d ago

@Number-Nine - The bust actually affects the general shape of your character. So, visually it should be something that's included to have your character look the way you intended them to. Bulge size has nothing to do with the body shape in general, so it's not really as necessary.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2631d ago

this is video game not real life.

If you want ridiculous breast sizes
go play Senran Kagura.

someOnecalled2631d ago

no but their is always a chest size for men. funny how both sexes has chest sliders but one of them have an extra feature then now its a big deal like it doesnt effect the look of a character or person in general.

and if there was a bulge slider people will welcome it, matter fact where is it. im pretty sure all of us will put it above average or maxxed lmao. was that comment supposed to be slick. reread your comment and think about if we would care in a negative way. men securities doesnt go that far, the ones that do play it off or attack you for a reason that dont hint at the idea.

"oh they have a balls sliders, ban this game. why cant my balls be as smooth as eggs too."

343_Guilty_Spark2630d ago

Don't Asian women have naturally small busts? Why do you need a slider?

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Skate-AK2631d ago

Believe it or not there is a buldge slider in Saints Row 3 and 4.

Gemmol2631d ago

Lmaooooo bulge slider, oh man, too funny

ZaWarudo2631d ago

Wow. You don't ever f*** with the boob slider.

Fo shame, Nintendo.