Wii strap lawsuit 'completely without merit' - Nintendo

Nintendo has labelled a lawsuit which alleges the company to be engaging in "unfair or deceptive practices" as "completely without merit."

The suit claims the wrist strap for the controller of the recently released Wii console is ineffective for its intended use and Nintendo has breached the warranty of the device.

Filed on December 6th, the suit is seeking to become a class-action, with anyone who has suffered similar problems able to join.

Nintendo has offered an official rebuttal to the lawsuit, stating: "We believe the lawsuit to be completely without merit."

"Nintendo has a long tradition of delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we take all reports from our customers seriously."

"At the time we became aware of the lawsuit, we had already taken appropriate steps to reinforce with consumers the proper use of the Wii Remote and had made stronger replacement wrist straps available. This suit has had no effect on those efforts," said the company.

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deathtok5254d ago

This is ridiculous. Anyone who gets hurt using the Wii is not using it as intended. Slight motions react well.

darktangent5254d ago

The manager at my local Gamestop in an effort to assure parents and potential Wii purchasers in the know about the Wii's strap breakage potential, had been stress testing the Wii strap in front of anyone who questioned its strength. He would simply put on the strap and adjust it to his wrist and simply drop the controller downwards out of his hand and move his arm upwards to make the controller come back up where he would catch it. Well after a couple of weeks of him doing this the Wii strap finally gave and went crashing to the floor when he offered to prove its strength to me. He tried to make an excuse up, that he had been doing this for weeks and thats why it broke. But that was not reassuring. So once they get some more in stock I guess I will take my chances with one.

specialguest5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

personally, i wouldn't sue if i had a minor injury, but i do believe that the law suit is legally justified.

most companies put their product through extreme usage scenarios to test out the limits of what it can endure. the result of these test is to insure that the their product will be safe, and the warning and precaution labels or documents are fully met.

in this case, had they tested the strap strenght out in extreme usage scenarios, the flaw would have been discovered and fixed.

sure one may argue that the wiimote wasn't meant to be used in a full motion action type of way. well if this is the case, then Nintendo shouldn't be advertising it to be used that way. when the President of Nintendo demonstrated Wiisports at the Nintendo conference, he even played Tennis like it was the real thing. he excuted full swings, not little wrist movements.

the bottom line is that people were injured, not through stupidity, but from a design flaw. this lawsuit does have merit and these medical bills are not going to pay itself.

Nodoze5254d ago

This lawsuit is ridiculous. While the strap may be a bit on the weak side, if used properly (as Nintendo has documented and placed warnings for) there would not be occurences like these.

I think Nintendo should counter sue for end user stupidity. I can just imagine the court reenactment.

oke5254d ago

I'm still confused by the whole problem. Maybe I haven't played enough Wii for the wrist strap to be a problem. I understand some people sweat more than others and that some people like myself enjoy making exagerated movements., but I think other forces are at work as well. Since the wii works so well as a party console, I think alot of these strap failures happen when people are drinking.

I think everyone has seen the picture of girl with the swollen black and purple eye. The story attached to that picture describes how the user's "inebriated state" had a good deal to do with the incident.

Clearly, there are too many reports of wrist staps breaking for everyone to make them up or be drunk at the time. However, I think Nintendo has been taking the necessary steps to address this problem and that a lawsuit is unwarranted.

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