MojoPlay Announces Portable LCD Monitor for Xbox 360

Today, MojoPlay began shipping its first new gaming display for Microsoft's Xbox 360, the MP-920XB. One of three new displays from MojoPlay for 2007, the new 9.2" MP-920XB features a sleek mounting system that seamlessly integrates onto the Xbox 360 without affecting the cooling vents on the top of the console.

Key Features

Seamless Xbox 360 console integration
800 x 480 resolution
Brightness/volume controls
Dual headphone jacks
Light weight and portable

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jtdonnelly5259d ago

It's lightweight and portable...too bad my 360's not. Unless they eventually come out with a slim ps2 style 360, I can't see how this could be useful.

Maddens Raiders5259d ago

I was just posting this article when I opened another window to check the

--glad to see the MojoPlay will be available for the PS3 too. btw a slim XBOX 360 or PS2 would not be able to handle anything larger than an 8" screen pal, unless of course you don't mind that. =]