8 reasons why you need to download Braid

Destructoid's Reverend Anthony writes:

"Braid is finally out on XBLA today, and, what with it being beautiful, intelligent, and 400 MS Points more expensive than gamers might be used to, I'm a little worried not as many people will be playing the game as it deserves. A proper Destructoid review is forthcoming, but with Bionic Commando Rearmed coming out next week, I feel like more immediate measures need to be taken at this point.

It is with this in mind that I have crafted the following Top Eight list. Our review will be far more indepth and include commentary from Jim Sterling and Chad Concelmo, but this should hopefully suffice for now.

If you're on the fence about Braid, or if you've steadfastly decided against it because you refuse to pay more than 800 Microsoft Points for any Arcade title, then you should probably be aware of the following eight things, viewable after the jump, which might do something to change your mind."

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avacadosnorkel5405d ago

is 5 bucks more than people are supposed to pay for Live titles. Once one sneaks in the room at a higher cost like this your wallet will cry by this time next year as the days of a 10 buck game is over. 20 or 30 buck games will soon be the norm for small file games because there is no public outcry about price now.

TOSgamer5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

Instead of telling gamers to put out more money it should be an open letter to MS to lower the price. I'm interested but I won't buy until its on sale or MS drops the price permanently. But I'm sure it will garner plenty of sales even at an elevated price. I mean look how many people are willing to pay $80 for a plastic chainsaw gun that "makes real chainsaw action sounds!" But $15 is 3 game rentals (discounted price with Total Access) for me at Blockbuster and I'd rather have that.

MazzingerZ5405d ago (Edited 5405d ago )

The game Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty will cost USD 15 and without playing it nor reading any review I can already see a difference compared against the best PSN titles (that costs 5-10 bucks max)that justify those extra 5 bucks.

I'm sure Braid might be worth 15 but the problem is that the developer already said to the press that they actually wanted to put it out for 10 bucks but Microsoft insisted in 15...that kind of make you wonder if good titles will now cost 15...then maybe 20 later on.

Over the PSN you find Elefunk for 5 bucks...and they put games often in sale for half price, last week were PAIN, PixelJunk Monsters and others...I think 5 bucks is the perfect price point for any game on XBL or PSN...I mean, you can find used games for 15-20 bucks... so 15 might sometimes sound really expensive

The Lazy One5405d ago

M$ is probably going to concentrate on using the XNA community games as a replacement for cheap games. Standard XBLA games are going to see a shift towards a much fuller experience.

Many of the games on XBLA are favorably comparable to a full DS game, which you pay a lot less for.

Viktor E5405d ago

*YAWN*Another Failure up for Download

5405d ago
lagunatom5405d ago

You haven't even played it yet. And it's gotten stellar reviews. On Metacritic, only one PS3 exclusive has gotten a higher review.

zethos565405d ago

I wonder what you're new account will be named once you've lost all of your bubbles.

Vicophine5405d ago

It's $15? I can understand $10, but $15 is a bit high I must say, only game that I felt justified a price close to that was Everyday Shooter, that game is pure art =D

It'd get much more sales if it was inbetween $5 and $10 IMO.

fufotrufo5405d ago

I just hateeee i can't buy this live says the stupid credit card info is invalid :@

DevastationEve5405d ago

Open a new checking account and just use the debit card associated with it.

navyguy215404d ago

or just buy the points card at the retail store where you buy games!

5405d ago
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