PLAY: FFXIII Kitase & Hashimoto Interview Scans

The latest Play UK Magazine has graced us with a E3 08 Q&A interview, with Corporate Executive Shinji Hashimoto & Producer Yoshinori Kitase about Final Fantasy XIII.

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Mc Fadge3720d ago

STILL nobody has asked straight out whether or not the game will be released at the same time on the PS3 and 360! All the comments so far have been ambiguous, has anybody got a more clear answer?

Somnus3720d ago

There's no need to ask because Square confirmed it at E3.

gaffyh3720d ago

@Somnus - Actually Square didn't confirm anything. MS said the release will be simultaneous, but Square has not said anything since, cos they just don't know how long it will take to port the game, and they haven't even got the 360 devkits yet.

Omega43720d ago

Its been confirmed to be a simulataineous release by SE and MS in NA/EU over and over and OVER again countless times on countless websites if you dont know this by now then clearly you both arent interested in the game

max-jeager3720d ago

.first we dont even know a real japanese release date
.second the xbox 360 version could be cancel(i can bet on that or at least it will look like crap )because of square need for money, but if it has to be distributed in 4 dvds(at least ,and yes with compretion and everything ) it will make them lose money

Somnus3720d ago

"Wata noted that the game would launch simultaneously for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."

Wow...I love it when people think I'M wrong when they are. Is the president of Square-Enix a big enough member of their staff?

Sprudling3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

Look at the picture in that article you posted. It says "Available at launch in North America and Europe". Did Wada (or anyone else from Square Enix) _actually_ say anything to clarify this meaningless sentence? Cause you know, the words "simultaneous", "PS3" or "360" aren't even in it. None of the articles I have read have quoted anyone stating a simultaneous release for PS3 and 360.

Somnus3720d ago

What are you on about? I actually posted the sentence confirming it. Just because it wasn't announced at the Microsoft Conference, doesn't mean it wasn't later that day.

Sprudling3720d ago

Problem is, different articles say different things. So which ones to believe?

The problem is the sentence I quoted above. It's horribly ambiguous and can be interpreted in several ways.

If Wada unambiguously stated it would be a simultaneous release across platforms, why has no article quoted his exact words?

Somnus3720d ago

So because the article isn't saying the exact sentence you want to hear, you don't believe it?

gaffyh3720d ago

@Somnus - that is a report on the MS e3 conference, where Wata actually said nothing about that (go watch the conference if you don't believe me), it said available "at launch on 360 and PS3 in NA/EU" at the end of the trailer which could mean ANYTHING, nobody confirmed anything.

EVERY interview after that no one has actually confirmed simultaneous release. I'm not saying that game won't release simultaneously, just that it hasn't been confirmed yet.

iamtehpwn3720d ago

Toriyama-san said that the PS3 version in the NA and EU would be held back for the 360 version. I know it ROYALLY sucks, but That's what Square Enix is planning.


"With the PS3 version complete and hitting Japan in 2009, PS3 gamers in the United States and Europe will have to wait until the Xbox 360 port is done. According to Nomura, his team didn't receive Xbox 360 development kits until a few days ago, so depending on how long it takes the Square Enix team to port the title, the U.S. and Europe may not receive Final Fantasy XIII until 2010."

Sprudling3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I have found no quotes anywhere of Motomu Toriyama saying that. The title and "conclusion" of that article is based on what he actually said (which is quoted in the same article) and the _assumption_ that the release will be simultaneous. An assumption which may or may not be accurate.

If Motomu Toriyama actually said the words "simultaneous release", why didn't they quote that as well in the article? As they seemed to quote pretty much everything else relevant, why leave out the most important part?


This goes totally in the other hand of what Square Enix PR said to IGN in this E3.

They go on to said that 360 version team will have yet to figure out how to compress pre-rendered videos and audio without quality loss issues, they will not start before PS3 version is out on Japan (I said out, not finished). And they should put PS3 NA/EU version out (again, out, not finish it) in less than the usual 6 months to translate versions. They also stated that NA/EU will not get any content differet from JP, since they'll try to translate it really quick.

Anyone that is following FFXIII/Versus XIII development knows that Crystal Tools is MEANT for (not ready to make now) multiplatform gaming. In fact, even for PS3, it's not totally ready, it runs under PS3's hood, but don't means it's finished, they still improving stability and such in PS3. It's not like you can just make any files for it library and it'll run perfectly on PS3 now.

So, aside from the fact the engine *hypotethically* works on 360 (they only meet the hardware requirements/compatible file library, nothing guarantee that the data running on PS3 will convert rightly to 360 under the engine), they have to really start to port on 360, figure out how to compress data to fit DVD, maybe deal with HDD-less version... All this AFTER Japan get it, good time praying they'll take less than 6 months to port over to 360, because they said to IGN that before that time PS3 will have it on NA/EU.

Don't get me wrong, I think Square is right going multiplat, and I don't really think MS would need to pay them, Square was for the last years searching ways to get more market share on western/NA (any fan of Square know it, they really started to talk about it in any chance after KH) and 360 has a more than considerable share on western market. But to think they'll have PS3 version ready and don't release it, like if they don't need more money after spenting millions on development of FFXIII and their multiplat engine, it's plain delusional.

The only way to 360 and PS3 have the game on the same time is if MS payed or if Crystal Tools is the better multiplat engine out there, a development sleeper hit.

You can't port that fast on UE, need much time to stabilyze and resolve minor bugs (minor, but many) just so you can compare.

iamtehpwn3720d ago

You sir, are well educated on your s***, much as I.
+bubbles. =]

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Square have not actually said it will be simultaneous its just journalists speculating.


Yup, they said simultaneous for NA and EU, not for platforms. Loce how people have take it out of context.

Chitown712913720d ago

EXACTLY!!!!!! They mean it will hit XBOX 360 in America and Europe simultaneously, they never said it will hit XBOX 360 "AND" PS3 simultaneously. You f*%king idiots.

meepmoopmeep3720d ago

i want this game in 2009 outside of Japan,

k, thx.

rogimusprime3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

disagree with this statement?

Do you want it after 2009?


I could care less about FF13 on xbox. We all know they are whores when it comes to sopping up sony's exclusives. Honestly, Sony should have SECURED it after the loss of DMC4. I get that the company needs more money, but Sony should have opened their wallets. They SAY it was expected and that you can't expect 3rd parties to provide exclusives...but I KNOW it hurts.

I own both systems, and don't want to wait for a simultaneous release. I'd rather play it on PS3.


They said to take less than 6 months to translate it this time. So I would say that there is good chances if it comes out in Japan before August, they should really push it for Christmas release in Western. The more before August in Japan, the bigger the chance is.

Aclay3720d ago

I wish that someone would ask SquareEnix whether or not the U.S. and European version of FFXIII for the PS3 will release at the same time as the 360 version because Microsoft has been saying that it will, but I haven't heard SquareEnix say it and I want to hear SquareEnix say it first before I believe it, because right now I still think that the U.S. and European PS3 versions will be out by Late 2009 and the Xbox 360 version wont release until Mid-Late 2010.

If the development on FFXIII for the 360 wont even begin until the Japanese PS3 version is finished, how the heck is the 360 version going to be released at the same time as the U.S. and E.U. PS3 versions? Development for the 360 will take longer than it will take to localize the PS3 version of FFXIII for other markets.

SquareEnix had better not delay or hold up the release of the PS3 versions of the game in Europe and the U.S. just because they have to port the 360 version. It makes no sense for Square to intentionally hold a game that's already finished whenever the other version of the game had just barely started development.

If Square does delay the PS3 release for Europe and North America just so that it can be released alongside the 360 version, Microsoft had something to do with it and clearly paid them a chunk of cash for that to happen. But until I hear Square actually say, "The U.S. and European PS3 versions will be released at the same time as the Xbox 360 version", I still think that the PS3 will get FFXIII worldwide first in 2009 and the 360 wont get it until 2010.

Jihaad_cpt3720d ago

Since the MSfans keep on saying it makes sense to bring it to 360 because of money. Why would they keep it back in EU & NA market they can recover lots of money (sooner, and that is all shareholders care about) if they release it on the PS3 (EU & NA) as soon as possible to make money on the large investment, it makes no sense to hold back the PS3 version in EU & NA markets until the 360 version is released. That makes financial sense, and unless MS paid them to do that they won't. I hate MS there business practices are disgusting only Americans with a skewed sense can argue that MS is choking competition. Which hurts consumers.

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