Gaming Snacks

Chris Rah Osiris of Playstation writes:

Happy Sunday everyone,

This is a GLA. (Gaming Lifestyle Announcement). Something that I have spent a lot of time doing in my life is studying proper snacks and snacking etiquette for gaming. This is a serious issue. Seriously, the wrong snacking habits can cause damage to your console and accessories. In addition to that, you'll be the bane of gaming nights everywhere. You do not want that, trust me.

Rule #1: Do not eat chips, or any other greasy food.

This is an issue because of the damage that can be done to a controller or console. No one wants their controller to slip out of their hand while playing. No one wants grease ending up inside of their console either. I know this eliminates a lot of snacks, but this rule must be followed. Chip lovers, I suggest you weep now and thank me later.

Rule #2: Do not eat something that will interrupt the game.

This rule is of great importance when you are gaming with someone else. This rule eliminates your ability to eat a steak or anything that takes dedication to eat. I hate when someone pauses Street Fighter so he or she can take a bite of a sandwich. Do not do that. It is rude and annoying. Plus it will earn you the wrath of Ryu. You do not want Ryu angry.

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