Super Smash Bros. X Final Fantasy VII Collaboration Announced

During this afternoon's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Super Smash Bros will be teaming up with the Square Enix RPG classic Final Fantasy VII

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Kalebninja2631d ago

The moment I saw those stars I f***ing knew it! I was not expecting that, RIP Sora.

Aloy-Boyfriend2631d ago

Another gaming Icon joins thr battle. Cloud BS Link... I hope I wasn't the only one who always thought of this

XisThatKid2631d ago

This is I guess. I'm a bit disappointed that DLC characters especially one as big as Cloud have recycled animations though. While we're at it why not copy Omni slash from Link's final smash and not Ike's.

2631d ago
bouzebbal2631d ago

Cloud is immortal.
I don't get it why he wasn't in Battle Royale.

breakpad2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Damn Nintendo respects FF fans more than Sony ...CLoud moves perfectly , has the same animations like in FFVII and the midgar level is excellently remade like it should be (colorful) ...Sony couldnt manage to secure Cloud for Big Stars Battle Royal and Nintendo just made a simple deal and took him??? lame the SOny guys are ...thats why they cant have the same success with pS4 in japan and thats why Vita is sinking like the titanic ..they neve cared for icons like Cloud , Crash which made them what they are

ion6662631d ago

@breakpad So wait sony is not doing a remake like all the whiny final fantasy fans wanted. that makes your comment null and void. sony cares about cloud dude. they're not afraid of him beating down nintendo characters.

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3-4-52631d ago

This is awesome.

This + Dragon Quest 7&8 3DS confirms a better working relationship with Nintendo & Square which gives me hope we will get Dragon Quest 11 on NX in the U.S.

_-EDMIX-_2631d ago

? Some DLC vs FFVII not apparently on their means that? I mean...FFXV isn't even coming to a Nintendo platform...neither is KH3, or Nier 2, or Star Ocean 5, or World Of Final Fantasy. They have a good relationship with Nintendo, but I wouldn't say "better".

I see DQ 11 on NX too depending on its specs and how it actually does in sales, but I wouldn't jump to some conclusion that its some how "better". Several titles are not even going to any of Nintendo's platforms.

-Foxtrot2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

So Square allowed him in this but not Playstation All Stars...right ¬¬

Kalebninja2631d ago

Being a guest in smash is a big deal but you're right it would've made more sense for him to be in All-Stars.

-Foxtrot2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

I'm not saying Playstation All Stars was fantastic (the battle system where you needed to use Supers to do proper damage was crap) but the most disappointing thing about that game (the dream game) was the characters

A Big Daddy, New Danate, MGR Raiden, Fat Princess...I mean DLC sure but where were people like Cloud

You'd think they would allow Sony to have them as a nice gesture.

benji1012631d ago

Sony had SE by the balls for years, SE was always in bed with Nintendo until the financial problems that let sony buy a controlling share and control exclusivity to a point. SE is free of Sony now and it looks like they are going back to Nintendo. The leak about the NX being top end chips is from SE.

gangsta_red2631d ago

The roster in PS All Stars was more about pushing the newer brands than getting iconic characters like Smash.

New Dante, Raiden, Fat Princess?!? Marketing had every hand in that line up.

Blastoise2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

All stars had it's fair share of questionable characters, Big Daddy wasn't one of them.

One of the coolest characters in the game, and no I don't care that Bioshock isn't Playstation exclusive, he was awesome.

@ benji "Square enix is free of Sony now"

Yeah Final fantasy VII remake, Nier 2, Dragon quest heroes 1 & it's sequel, Dragon Quest 11, World of Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy XIV.

Good to see Square enix are "free of Sony" and "going back to Nintendo" /s Stop just making stuff up lol

light692631d ago


I don't see the point in telling him to stop making stuff up in a rude manner... It was his opinion, I personally don't think SE will stop support for sony but that doesn't rule out the idea of them supporting nintendo more, you don't know what' happening behinds the scenes so don't get butthurt over someone's opinion.... just saying

TXIDarkAvenger2631d ago

It's actually hilarious. Two of the most iconic characters most associated with Sony, Solid Snake and Cloud Strife are not in Playstation All-Stars but appear in Smash.

paul-p19882631d ago


"Sony had SE by the balls for years, SE was always in bed with Nintendo until the financial problems that let sony buy a controlling share and control exclusivity to a point."

Yeah, it had nothing to do with Nintendo being stupid enough to think cartridges were still the future on the N64 when everyone else was moving to CDs... THAT is the reason FF7 moved FROM NINTENDO (which it was already being developed for) to Playstation as CD's were the only format it would have worked on!

Benjaminkno2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )


That's after Sony and Nintendo fell out. Sony just kept working with the technology and the developers stayed with them. Nintendo wasn't anticipating Playstaytion's success. But it seems they've all paid dearly for their market share. We gamers are filthy spoilt rotten to the core!!!

Erik73572631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Well pardon me but I wouldn't give my beloved IP to a crappy game if I was square Enix too...

shaw982631d ago

If by the impossible chance Crash and/or Spyro get in Smash, I will laugh so hard. XD

Cloud has never even been on a Nintendo console. It just shows how much respect Sakurai and Nintendo has to put such a character in Smash bros, despite SE leaving them for PS back in the day.

Big_Game_Hunters2631d ago


if anything that shows you hold grudges longer than these companies.

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DarkSniper2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Sony should sue the brakes off Nintendo for this. Even though Dark Sniper is fully aware that Cloud is essentially a Square Enix character, he is affiliated in a game that went on to help the PS1 become the highest selling console of all time(at the time).

Yes Dark Sniper understands that the logic behind Sony taking Nintendo to court sounds warped, but Nintendo themselves don't abide by logic.

If the shoe was on the other foot, Nintendo would absolutely make every attempt to sue Sony because they are that petty. They tried to sue Sony in the early 90's claiming that Play Station was a Nintendo property, they effectively prevented GoldenEye 007 from appearing on the Xbox 360(even though it's a Rare IP) and they tried to do the same with Killer Instinct and Perfect Dark.

While having Cloud on Super Smash Bros is great news for Wii-U and DS owners, it's unfortunate that we as gamers cannot see any gameplay footage on Youtube because Nintendo will be quick to take it down.

Nintendo should have made their N64 console CD based instead of cartridge, then we would have seen Cloud on a Nintendo console. It makes absolutely no sense that Cloud is in Smash Bros and not in PlayStation All Stars where he belongs.


MoveTheGlow2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Those are very different arrangements. The PlayStation was originally a joint project between Sony and Nintendo, and a sour legal battle split the two up. Rare was a second-party to Nintendo when Goldeneye was created. Sony and Square, on the other hand, sorted out who owned the intellectual property to the Final Fantasy series upon writing the dang contract. Typical third-party arrangement.

Also, Square has been putting Cloud on iOS games for years. They put FF7 on the PC shortly after the PS1 release, and then they re-did the PC release so people could still play it a couple years ago. Where have you been?

user89668282631d ago

Sony couldn't sue it's a third party game Sony doesn't own the rights to final fantasy Vll and it wasn't Nintendo that stopped goldeneye there are five different companies that have the rights to that game including Nintendo and rare that's why they did the remakes and maybe Nintendo should sue Sony over all the shit Sony ripped off Nintendo over the years
Nintendo for

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2631d ago

You do know. Nintendo don't claim or take down Smash related videos.

They will only claim if you upload replays in-game to YouTube.

Oh that right. Probably never uploaded Nintendo content on YouTube. Of course you won't know.

maniacmayhem2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Not one word of that post/rant made any sense what so ever.

_-EDMIX-_2631d ago

I don't know what you mean, Sony doesn't own the Final Fantasy IP. They yes helped publish FFVII, but I don't believe they own the rights to the IP ie the characters, story etc. They published FFVII in the west for Square early in the PS1 life when Square didn't have the funds for such a huge distribution and marketing plan.

But I would hardly call that some right to ownership, that is a legal black and white thing, its very exact. It either is or isn't and to my knowledge ,Sony doesn't own the FF IP.

GordonKnight2631d ago

That's part of business. Besides Final Fantasy originated on Nintendo. I know that cloud wasn't on Nintendo, but with this announcement I believe that the remastered Final Fantasy VII could be a launch title for NX.

pcz2631d ago

congratulations, your comment is perhaps the most idiotic i have ever seen on N4G

marloc_x2631d ago

😂Do you recall when SONY SUED KEVIN BUTLER!?😂

ion6662631d ago

Sony was exclusive on ps 1 but they do not own Squaresoft or anything final fantasy related.You cannot sue what was never yours.

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2631d ago
shaw982631d ago

Sora would be so hard to do, not because of his character and creating moves and such, but because of property rights. People forget that half of KH is Disney. If Nintendo were to make Sora a character they would have to licence with Disney as well. Also, Sakurai does not like the idea of putting non video game characters or assets in a game all about video games. I don't need Disney to be apart of Smash bros.

Zepherite2631d ago

A man can dream though right?

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Eiyuuou2631d ago

I must confess. I never saw this one coming...

It's been a long time since I felt this excited!

Big_Game_Hunters2631d ago

Nobody saw this coming, just like no one saw Ryu coming before the leaks.

Sakurai can't keep getting away with this!!

deafdani2631d ago

Sakurai always gets with it, though. Nobody expected Snake. Nobody expected Mega Man. Nobody expected Ryu until the leaks. And now Cloud.

I wonder if there's some more surprises left for us in Smash? Seeing how they're doing a special Smash show in december and all... 0_o

Metallox2631d ago

What happened? Did Cloud win the Smash Ballot or is this an indication that the remake of Final Fantasy VII will appear on the NX?

wonderfulmonkeyman2631d ago

Might be reading too much into that, but it'd be neat if it did.XD

Anyways, I think this is just a strong collaboration to help reaffirm ties with Squeenix; he likely wasn't the ballot winner, and there's more Smash news coming next month as well.

Concertoine2631d ago

What a weird inclusion for smash though, FFVII has never left the PC or Playstation.

wonderfulmonkeyman2631d ago

@ Concert
Well, he did make an appearance in two of the Kingdom Hearts games that hit Nintendo systems, as well as Theaterythm Final Fantasy and one other game that I can't remember off the top of my head.
I guess those small inclusions on top of his popularity and Nintendo's history with the franchise led to his inclusion.
That's the best theory I can come up with, other than a possible alternate remake of the original FFVII for New 3DS or Wii U.

2631d ago
Kalebninja2631d ago

We dont know but there will be a smash direct next month most likely for the ballot. Its weird though out of all the fan polls ive seen everyone who voted for a square enix character were pretty much all voting for Sora so thats what makes me unsure if cloud was related to the ballot especially since he looks like he was being developed for a while.

Majin-vegeta2631d ago

Could be or it could just be that Ninty&SE have a healthy relationship

Metallox2631d ago

Fair point. Though I'd call this announcement a "regular business that, in the end, is convenient for both instances, so no big deal".

MoveTheGlow2631d ago

Nintendo seems to be making favorable deals with companies. For example, they got Capcom to have Ryu already, and I bet they have some sort of very easy way to arrange for outside IP in Smash by now with that ballot happening.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2631d ago

nah this must be Square Enix doing

Ck1x2631d ago

This is what I'm thinking as well that FFVII Remake might be coming to the NX.

KingKelloggTheWH2631d ago

Not an NX indication really, Snake was in Smash but never made it back to Nin.

_-EDMIX-_2631d ago

Exactly. That is like saying the next Bioshock will be PS exclusive because a Big Daddy was in PS All Starts. That is just such a wild stretch its not even funny.

A character as DLC....doesn't mean the whole game, series, remake, sequel etc what ever is coming to that merely means its a character for DLC.

SFiV isn't on a Nintendo console, SFV isn't coming to a Nintendo console or handheld to my knowledge hell MOST Capcom games won't go to either platforms Nintendo has ie Resident Evil, Devil May Cry etc, MSG1 remkae was the last MGS on a Nintendo console, MGS3,Peace Walker 4 and 5 all skipped Nintendo consoles.

The reality of it...having a friendly relationships doesn't mean they will go out of business for you making games on a platform they won't sell on.

I mean...if they are friendly why was E3 and TGS dominated by PS titles from Square? Never mind even PS titles, merely titles NOT coming to a Nintendo platform, ie FFXV and KH3 are still coming to XONE, yet not coming to a Nintendo platform (as of yet).

So I'm not sure how anyone comes to a conclusion from a character as DLC that they will go bankrupt to release titles a company that currently has a failing console.

Could they with NX? Likely if it has strong hardware and strong sales as to why they even are stating "maybe" with that platform.

DonBugen2631d ago

Not quite; you're forgetting Snake Eater for 3DS.

_-EDMIX-_2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

@Don- there is a reason why that wasn't stated. As your referring to the title that released 8 years after on 3DS?

Sooo would that not also mean MGSV could be ported to a Nintendo platform in 2023? Do you not get how crazy that is?

Its very much saying they don't feel ok about the sales on that platform to release certain titles day and date if at all. As some MGS titles have never been on a Nintendo platform ever, I mean...unless we are holding out for MGS2, Peace Walker, MGS4, 5 etc.

My point is that its clearly not important enough in terms of sales to release it day and date. Thats a big deal as its showing 3rd parties don't feel welcome to do business with their install base and that is very much Nintendo's fault as they never changed their release outside of 3rd party releases to make a welcome release environment, they even create hardware with the understanding of what THEY want for THEIR GAMES vs what the rest of 3rd party want.

Nothing is wrong with that either, but its clear that type of direct competition with 3rd party is why they left in the first place, some didn't even waste any time even getting a single team working on the hardware. This is a huge problem as it means they might not get support from some developers , publisher etc regardless of how they change their platform or releasing habits.

The reality is...Nintendo made hardware for Nintendo products, thus....the market responded to this by seeing only quality products from the teams that had focus on that hardware vs 3rd party that couldn't create content from other platforms to release on Wii or Wii U. This was a big deal with Wii, yet they did the very same thing with Wii U and it was very clear it wasn't being set out to 3rd party for input on design, it was very much letting the gaming community know....this is NOT "our" system, its MY system. That is why your seeing many not send titles over to their platform as they worry if they can even recoup on a port considering Nintendo strong hold on its install base. They don't create a welcome environment in terms of development. They very much know what they are getting themselves into as its a mistake with the Wii...with the Wii U it only confirms it was never a mistake or accident, they prosperously are not telling people about their hardware before launch because they don't care and they are not making it for others, they are making it FOR THEM.

I get MGS3 released on 3DS, what I don't get is where is MGS2, MGS4, MGS5...yet MGS5 is on PS3 and 360, where is RE2002 and Zero remaster? Yet both titles were originally on a Nintendo platform, were is Revelations 2? Revelations 1 was a 3DS exclusive, Revelations 2 is on 5 of which are Nintendo's. That selfish attitude is why you are seeing many skip that platform and its only going to continue to hurt them unless that is they fully want a install base that is only seeking Nintendo published games solely.

GordonKnight2631d ago

I believe FF7 will be a launch title for NX.

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DiscoKid2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

When I heard the piano vibes, I knew immediately it was FF7-related, but when I saw the Smash logo, I freaking cried. Surprised this wasn't leaked. GJ!

FallenAngel19842631d ago

First the FFVII HD remake now Cloud in SSB4. So many bombs being dropped