New Gundam Game for PS3

A mysterious game has appeared on the latest release list from Japan's biggest games magazine, Famitsu. According to the list, the PlayStation 3 will be getting a game called Gundam Musou from Bandai Namco Games. The game is set with a TBA 2007 date.

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specialguest5458d ago

i saw a video review of the current gundam game on the PS3 and that game is a complete mess. hopefully, the new one will be a major improvement. until then, the only mech game i'll look forward to is the new Armored Core.

General5458d ago

Oh god another Bad game for PS3...Jesus...

Maddens Raiders5458d ago

Bandai owes us PS3 owners a big apology for the last Gundam game. Hell they should give this one away for free, but I understand how things can go at launch. Good to see at least that they haven't abandoned the series.

Genki5458d ago

While I did enjoy one of their Gundam games for PS2, I would just like to see another company's interpretation of Gundam, along with many other series in fact. I actually think that AC4 looks more like a Gundam game should, gameplay-wise. This isn't to say that From Software should helm a Gundam project, but someone different, at least for a fresh twist, and for comparisons sake.

Oh well, I hope the next iteration is done well.

shysun5457d ago