MGS4: Codec Moments 50 reasons to replay Metal Gear Solid 4 again and again and AGAIN!

1: Altair's Costume
2: The Bandana
3: Suit Up
4: Rebel Rebel
05 - 10: Camo Attack
11 - 15: Making the most of the Camera
16: Stealth Camo
17: Sick Boy
18: Naughty Naughty
19 - 23: Collect the Dolls
24: Kiss Kiss
25: Crop Circles

Details and more after the jump.

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Panthers3726d ago

Altairs costume?

I am going to replay it, but not until trophies come out.

shine13963726d ago

50: Final Fight
During the final battle with Ocelot, watch as he makes his famous signature fist-clenching gesture, and then without delay immediately press and hold the w button to reboot Snake's life gauge. Extremely useful secret on the higher difficulty levels, this. It's a real life-saver.

vitz33726d ago

The article mentions the W button. Where is it?

Domenikos3725d ago

<LOL>Maybe they just have the PC version<LOL>


Megatron083725d ago

50 reason to replay the game WOW how you get 50 reason to replay a game when there isnt even 1 reason to play it the 1st time

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Michael Jackson3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

It's the best game on earth.
They don't make games like this on my planet.

Megatron083725d ago

does that mean they actually make games worth playing or umm should I say watching on your planet ?

3726d ago
meepmoopmeep3726d ago

i only have one reason.

the game friggin ROCKS!

3726d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.