Xam'd: Lost Memories Review: PSN Reaches.

WhatIfGaming's David Jeffers writes: "We all received great news about the upcoming features for the PlayStation 3. The system is finally going to offer home theater entertainment to everyone's consoles. So of course, us being that curious, we took the opportunity to explore this a bit more. As an exclusive from Studio BONES, famous for shows such as RahXephon, Full Metal Alchemist, and Eureka 7,"

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Rick Astley5170d ago

Very cool anime in my opinion. Way better than what I expected.

5170d ago
SkolarVisari5170d ago

it should have been free by the time all 26 epiodes come out you will have paid about 104USD if you get the HD version. The price is really nonsensical.

thereapersson5170d ago

Then I saw the price. Not to mention there was no option to purchase these for keeping. You can only rent the eps.

Sorry, but this whole movie store is quite ridiculous if they don't lower the prices on TV shows and other series-based shows. It's cheaper to purchase them on DVD, most of the time.

AAACE55170d ago

Ever notice how alot of games are using the word 'lost' in their title? Lost planet, Lost Odyssey, Lost: tv show game and lost memories.

I predict the next game to use the word will be called..."Lost my Mind!" It's catchy right? xD

NaAsAr5170d ago

i hope they give us guys and gals who rented every hd episode the opportunity to get this on blu ray for free when available. it seems to be a good series so far.

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