Houser made GTA by digging his "f***ing teeth in," says Levine

BioShock dev lead Ken Levine has spoken for the first time about his Take-Two compadres at Rockstar, saying the Sam Houser is the "most intense guy in the world" and that he shares the Houser's method of creating great games: "digging your f***ing teeth in."

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badz1493814d ago

wth is this all about now?

uie4rhig3814d ago

read the article lol..

and i guess this guy is right, i mean i think R* is one of the best devs out there (note not the best, but one of the best)

badz1493814d ago

but still wondering. wth is this? I mean, there's nothing revolutionary about GTAIV! consoles are more powerful these days and there's room for bigger storage! of course game will look better! but did GTAIV better the previous games? I don't think so

RAM MAGNUMS3814d ago

could the conversation be about ps3 exclusives?!
of course it is!
houser said next gta is gonna be ps3 only
levine has had the time of his life enhancing bioshock for ps3
they both know they are gonna get low review scores that will
insult thier work but they don't care.
they want to be stars of the ps3!
Fill that bluray disc to the brim & install my ps3 for days to bring
me a powerful game that I can feel!
its gonna be 2009. Let's know it!

thereapersson3814d ago

Please give me a link showing evidence that the next GTA will be on the PS3 only.

thereapersson3814d ago

Should have chewed a little bit more before spitting it out...

DrJones3814d ago

Should have chewed more on that comment before spitting out the same anti gta4, cliche garbage, as anyone else.

AAACE53814d ago

The worst thing about GTA 4 is that alot of gamers don't give the game credit for it's greatness!

A lot of people bought the game expecting it to be like the old games, where you were basically playing an arcade game. But when they made this new one more realistic, and people found out you had missions to do, and you couldn't just shoot people without serious consequences... They were turned off, and called GTA 4 garbage!

The truth is alot (not all) of gamers are babies, and don't really like alot of challenge! Prime example... Ninja Gaiden for Xbox 1. People complained so much about the game being..."Too hard", that they had to release NG black with an easier mode!

It's sad where alot of todays gamers are!

Kratos Spartan3814d ago

games are supposed to be entertainment. Realism is not entertainment. Realism is boring sometimes. Most people play games to escape reality. This is why people said it was boring. But I see what you are saying and I'm not disagreeing with it.

tds3814d ago

My only problem with GTA 4 was it wasn't as over the top as the other ones it has a more serious tone.

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