Where is Nintendo's Xmas '08 Line-up?

ButtonMasher writes - Those looking for Nintendo's Christmas line-up won't find it in here. In fact, it seems you won't find it anywhere right now. While we have all have a fairly decent understanding of the big titles hitting the 360 and PS3 between now and Xmas (Gears of War 2, Dead Space, LittleBigPlanet, etc) there seems to be a severe lack of news regarding Nintendo's competing line-up.

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Product4631d ago

You all know how secretive Nintendo is.

mikeslemonade4631d ago

I think we have been spoiled by great Christmas lineups for back to back years. It's not out of the ordinary to have only one or two games to come out.

Mc Fadge4631d ago

Lineup? *snigger snigger snigger*


sunnygrg4631d ago

Wii and DS will be the top selling consoles coming Xmas. I wonder why!!

TheDeadMetalhead4630d ago

because great games are released for it all year-round.


Nintendo are secretive yes but they should be doing some advertising regarding their 'big guns' for latter in the year.

Still - the Wii will probably outsell everything else known to man this christmas.

*Tries to except that logic failing does actually happen*

badz1494631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

the Wii and DS are still going to outsell all other consoles this christmas! but seriously, why does Ninty need any new games? Wii sports and Wii play are still selling like hotcakes!

Mausenheimmer4631d ago

Well they need two games for two reasons. 1. People will stop buying Wii Play eventually. 2. The people who rely on the Wii for gaming will spend their money on other consoles (PS3/360).

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The story is too old to be commented.