Thanks E3!

From LittleBigPlanetNews:

"Now that the dust has settled from E3, we'd like to thank our gaming press for the AAA treatment (attention, acclaim and accolades)!. The past month has been a morale boost for the team with great articles hitting the internet and a list of magazine cover stories and interview stories..."

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driftwood93726d ago

this is truly going to be a revoloutionary game. no one can get enough of it (except gamedaily). it looks like great fun, something i could lose months of my life to, and its something all demographics can enjoy. first day purchase for me.

el_bandito3726d ago

Yey! Sackboy and Sackgirl's gonna play with us this October.

Surfman3726d ago

gonna faceoff MGS4 at least. Good dual.

ThatCanadianGuy3726d ago

Wouldnt surprise me if it did.

But i hope MGS4 gets GOTY Kojima productions put a hell of alot of work into that game,they deserve it.

el_bandito3726d ago

The previews are pretty overwhelming; Yet again, we have to actually play it first before we start any GOTY debates.

NMC20073726d ago

I dunno really but does it really matter? I mean why is goty such a deal with gamers? I mean it's not your work that is being awarded, so who cares? I never got the fascination with awards of any kind, movies, music, games ect.

Another thing is I have a bad feeling about LBP, I think it's getting toward that GTAIV level of hype right now and that can be a game's worst enemy, hype, ah well.

yesah3726d ago

the only thing i hate about LBP is the ability to charge for levels, that is just BS in my book.

Lionsguard3726d ago

Yesah, they are not letting people charge for levels everything is free free free well some of their DLC that they officially release will be paid and some will be free but all user created content is free it's on their blog and any plans on letting people charge for levels isn't anywhere near the future but they say it could be planned in the far future and is only restricted to the highly talented percentile who can create amazing things that are top rated by the community.

PwnShop3725d ago

I'm buying this day one, it'll be fun but i think GOTY will be FALLOUT 3.

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Asurastrike3726d ago

No way MGS4 will win GOTY. I'm a fan of MGS and I think 3 was much better.

GOTY will either go to Little Big Planet or Fallout 3.

Morgan Douglas Jones3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

LBP deserves it, as it is trying something NEW for consoles but I bet Microsoft will just pay websites like GameSpot and Eurogamer to vote for Gears of War 2 as GOTY haha as always

Jihaad_cpt3726d ago

You know for sure that Fallout 3 is better than MGS4? I didn't know it was out. Wait till the games are out before you start judging as it stands MGS4 is the best game I have played this year, so far can't wait for LBP though

Asurastrike3725d ago


I love when people read too much into things.

I said, I think it will be either LBP or Fallout 3. I haven't played either of those games and can't definitively say whether either of them will be good. But I have played MGS4, and being a longtime fan of MGS, I was disappointed by it.

thePatriot3726d ago

did I just wast 5 min of my life playing with stickers?
This game will OWN!!

whothedog3726d ago

Great job Mm you guys deserved all the e3 awards(and more)

Can't wait til the game comes out

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The story is too old to be commented.