Fallout 4 Pip-Boy GAME preorders lost by courier

Cat Evans of This is Xbox writes, "After talking with someone on the GAME online chat this morning, I was informed that DPD, the courier service delivering the coveted collector’s edition to our doors, has misplaced a delivery batch which GAME sent on November 6. However, this vital information has not been made public, and I only know this by contacting GAME directly."

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My_Outer_Heaven2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Seems I'm affected by this... I've still not got my order.

At the moment DPD have written in the tracking:
Sorry, your Game parcel has not arrived with us; we'll let you know as soon as it does and confirm it's on its way to you.

Question is how does a whole batch of preorders go missing? Theft or electronic error?

Something dodgy is definitely happening here!

TLG19912004d ago

I saw simplygames selling "very limited stock" and a friend also said they come on sale at Zavvi the day of launch.

So i wouldn't be surprised if some of the "Missing" ones have been sold on through other retailers. as i thought they where exclusive to game.

RosweeSon2003d ago

That really sucks especially as it seems a lot of people have bought them just to put them up on eBay. Hope yours turns up soon and GAME over you compo for it being so late now and all the hassle. Reward points at least.

MrBT2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

It does all sound a bit dodgy, particualrly as GAME had 'issues' when processing some people's pre-orders, emailing out that their payment had failed!

My_Outer_Heaven2004d ago

More fuel for the fire: After being on hold for over an hour I just finally got in contact with someone via phone and I told them I have not received my order yet.

After some digging around the guy that was tracking my order down told me that DPD have lost a whole batch of orders. Lost huh?, more like stolen!

They gave me a choice of cancelling for a full refund or sending a replacement, I opted for the latter obviously. I preordered back in June during E3 2015.

It seems DPD or Game have some answering to do.. how does a whole batch of orders get lost?! Cancelling is one thing but losing a whole batch of dispatched orders is really strange!

rainslacker2003d ago

Based on your first comment above it sounds like Game initiated the shipping process...automated for a company like that when they process your order, but then the carrier never received the package.

I doubt DPD had anything to do with it, because the people that pick up the packages would be picking up large quantities of packages, and if they were just stealing them, then it would be a problem for more than just this one game, and Game would certainly know about it.

I'm not sure what DPD does for it's first scan that they do on pick up. Here in the US for the USPS or UPS it's usually like this

1. "Seller has provided a tracking number, but no carrier scans are present"(paraphrased)(sel ler brought postage, carrier is going to pick it up, or will wait for it to drop off).

2. "Acceptace" or "Picked Up"(Varies by carrier) Depends on if it's picked up or dropped off at the post office, but this is the official scan from a carrier which lets you know that at least something was shipped with that label.

Anything after that is en route info. Sounds like your package is stuck on step one.

It's weird though, because typically companies like Game would have a master scan form which would include all packages being shipped out to the carrier, and the carrier would assume they are all present. It seems if DPD didn't have a large number of packages from that manifest list present, then they would know about it.

2pacalypsenow2003d ago

Same thing happened with my Best Buy pre order, its still in transit

specialguest2003d ago

My gut instinct tells me it was stolen. How do you just lose a batch of orders?

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