Braid is the highest-rated XBLA game ever. (Also, sales data).

"Braid is the highest-rated Xbox Live Arcade game of all time (out of about 150 games!) Geometry Wars 2, released a week prior, is the second-highest. There are some strong games coming up in the next few weeks, so we'll see if these positions hold.

But 92 is not just a good score for a Live Arcade game; it's a good score for any game. In fact, Braid is currently the 10th highest-rated Xbox 360 game of all time - including all AAA high-budget games..."

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Bnet3435415d ago

you're a waste of gods time and a waste of air. you are scum Viktor E.

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Alpha_Gamer5415d ago

wow....ummm...get your head checked much?

JasonPC360PS3Wii5415d ago

Got a pool in my back yard that needs filled, those jealous Droids tears should do the trick. WAIT!!! WAIT!!! thats way toooo much you're flooding my back yard... jeez didn't know Droids could cry that much.

spandexxking5415d ago

to all the haters, wake up! braid is a very good game quite quirky and original. its the sort of game that would be right at home on PSN but its not, oh well ive got a 360.

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TheMART5415d ago


Another of his current accounts:


Vote them down to 1 bubble and get that looser banned.

He probably has some other multiple accounts still running. Recognizable by posts always being the first post in the open zone with nonsense. He's in the approval section all day to get his first post.

TheAveragePs3User5415d ago

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syanara5414d ago

and I say it looks cool but its not enough to make me buy another 360.

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militant075415d ago

open zone
"1.1 -
Waste of time"

Dannagar5415d ago

Finished Braid and I highly recommend it if you like problem solving.

toughNAME5415d ago

XBLA isn't slowing down anytime soon

GOTY 20075415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

This makes 14 AAA games on the Xbox 360 and 5 on the PS3.



Xbox 360 is going to extend the AAA lead by 2-3 more games by the end of 2008.

Let's wait and see what happens.

The score: Xbox 360- 14 AAA games
PS3- 5 AAA games

Rattles5415d ago

and if you had both thats 19 AAA titles.

GOTY 20075415d ago

I do have both. : )

But one is a much better console ; )

Rob0g0rilla5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )


Here is another fact. Reviews are opinions. Just because good ol Metacritic says a MGS4 or Gears is AAA doesn't mean there won't be someone who picks up one of those games and disagrees.

Lol, it's an opinion. Get over it. You're being delusional.

"You sound like you need a tissue."

No, you do.

So me thinking the Wii is a better console is wrong because it doesn't have better online/achievements/friends integration? Come on. I'm pretty sure I could find someone who prefers the PS3 or Wii over the 360. It's an opinion. Quit crying about it.

GOTY 20075415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

No, that would only be 15 AAA titles, PS3 only brings one extra AAA to the table that you can't already get on XBox 360.

lol think about that^^^^

(Sorry bro, it's really not an opinion. It's fact.)

You sound like you need a tissue. I'm not asking for your input. I have a PS3 and IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE to the Xbox 360. You're being delusional for even pretending PS3 has good games and like I said, no one asked for your input.

The fact is PS3 is and has been treated like Garbage from day one. I STILL have no games to play on my PS3 after beating Uncharted, MGS4 and Ratchet that wouldn't run better on my 360 and have better online/achievements/friends integration. This is the truth. No one is asking for YOUR PS3 fanboy-skewed opinion. Ask anyone at ANY Gamestop what the best console is(or that knows something about videogames and works in the indusry) and they will say XBox 360. You will never hear PS3 because it sucks this generation and trails the 360 in all possbile ways.

It's not opinion. Xbox 360 does everything possible better, and alot better than PS3. It's just a fact.
: )

bruiser815415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

Fact: yes it does so much better im first PS3/Wii and on my third 360.

I find it hare to believe that you own both systems cause if you did you would waste so much time trying to make one look better than the other. This article has nothing to do with the PS3, yet you couldn't help but to bash it. If you are so sure that the 360 was better whats the point in even comparing the two?

open zone please ----------------->

power of Green 5415d ago

This article also has nothing to do with how many 360's you've owned. It's too bad, you were suppose to be setting this guy straight yet you start off with a comment no 360 fan would use in response to good 360 news. LOL

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tweaker5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

"Sorry bro, it's really not an opinion. It's fact"


bruiser815415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

You are 100% correct i own all 3 systems so no im not a "360" fan. Not once did I say one was better than the other all 3 have flaws and I in no way slandered the 360 i am on my THIRD one, and if it was as great as the other guy stated and did everything so much better i would still be on my first but whatever say what you want I have nothing to prove to you

Below: and in what way did i behave like him?
Did i post useless stats: Nope
Did i make useless unfounded comparisons: Nope
Did i go out of my way to slander the other systems: Nope
Did i call one garbage: Nope
Did i mistake oppnion for fact: Nope, pretty sure im on my third

I dont get how your comparing me to him, what are you anyway his public defender of something?

power of Green 5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

Nothing to prove is not my point, you calling him out behaving the same way is the point lol.

You mean you've sent in the 360 for repairs 3 times, it is hard to believe all 3 of them (or 2) were beyond repair; now that you have mentioned something to prove.

How do you like "Braid", have you tried the trial version yet?.

Legion5415d ago

I personally don't count any XBLA games on the list of AAA games. They might be good but not in the same class as the true AAA games on 360. Count them against the PSN games if you want but not against full games. Come on already.

MazzingerZ5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

XBLA are 10 bucks games which in many cases that's what it counts in those reviews, what you get gor 10 bucks or 15 in this cases...I don't buy a next-gen console to play those games...good extra games but not HW find the same amount of good "Arcade" games on XBL (among hundreads) as over the PSN (among dozens)

Remove those XBLA from the Top 20 and you see only 3 X360 exclusives against 6 PS3 exclusives

Check the exclusives in that top 20 or AAA games if you prefer that were released during the last year...the only exclusive is Halo 3

That difference will increase even more after this year and that's what makes people feel happy with their console...PS3 is a year behind and has caught up now.

I saw this tendence last year, I checked the line-ups for 2008 and to buy a PS3 was a no-brainer, I kept my X360 (I have played all those X360 games you listed, exclusives, PC-X360 games and times exclusives) though, but the day it broke (HD wouldn't read discs) out of warranty, I didn't feel it was worth to pay for it to be repaired nor buy a new one as the PS3 had all the games I need today and during this fall + all multiplatform like GTAIV, Fallout 3, RE5, etc

If metacritic is the way you see which is the best console. good for you. I would wait a YEAR before you can compare them...individually that's the evaluation of what the X360 has delivered as a console to their customers, which makes it a great console for X360 owners

Now, we do the same next year, when the PS3 has been out as long as the X360 today, to compare what the PS3 has delivered for PS3 owners.

But based on those links you will never be able to compare them, because there WILL ALWAYS be one year difference and some titles listed there for the X360 were scored when no other next-gen console was around but only Xbox, Gamecubes and PS2.

Just enjoy your X360 and don't care about if the PS3 is looking better this fall.

power of Green 5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

So says the PS3 fan or gamer that may have prefference for Sony consoles *in* this 360 thread lol.

You should try *Braid* out, it's mind bending.

bruiser815415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

I am a gamer not a fanboy who is not ashamed or too proud to admit when a system has flaws, if any of my other two systems gives me problems i wont sugar coat it for them either.

I can only blame MS so much for this prob though, why should they fix this problem when they have so many fanboys out there who wont even admit the inconvenience of having to deal with undependable hardware. The 360 is a very good system, but far from perfect.

Anyway back to the topic at hand I think i will try braid, happy gaming!!!!

Sayai jin5415d ago

@Rattlesi Bubbles for you on that!

JasonPC360PS3Wii5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

I downloaded it and tried out the free trial, because PoG recommended it. I will be getting this in my next arcade spending spree, I buy arcade games in batches of like 2-4, and wait for about 3 months to do it again.

All new games count as new releases, and should be reviewed right along with $60 blockbusters. If you think arcade games arn't "real" or "full" games, then Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Atari and Neo Geo would like to give you the finger.

AAACE55415d ago

We count what could be a AAA game based on what's popular. But there are always those sleeper games that are overlooked, that could become raving hits! Ps3 and 360 both have this potential, because there are alot of other games that alot of people don't know about, or haven't payed attention to!

Tomdc5415d ago

PSN titles are of a much better quality than xbox live titles. Having played a lot of both that is my opinion.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5415d ago

Tomdc, I didn't know PSN had alot of arcade titles.

callahan095415d ago

"PS3 only brings one extra AAA to the table that you can't already get on XBox 360."

I don't understand your definition of AAA. It's a load of crap, is what it is. I don't know what AAA even means, but I think it means OF HIGH QUALITY.

So, games on the PS3 that are not available on the 360 that are of masterful or very high developmental and/or artistic quality, that I have enjoyed and had hours of fun playing:

1) Resistance
2) Warhawk
3) Uncharted
4) Ratchet & Clank
5) Hot Shots Golf
6) Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
7) Metal Gear Solid 4

That makes 7, in my opinion.
There also happens to be Eye of Judgment, which is an amazing game and an awesome technological achievement. I realize, though, that it's a niche game and people who never liked card games wouldn't like it. But anybody who's ever liked a card game, it's one of the best. Fun and engaging game with good rule set, nice cards & art, and the ability to see the battles come to life AND play online so you don't have to have a friend in the room with you in order to play... it really can't be beat. It was a great and innovative idea and Sony should be applauded for it.

juuken5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

...You couldn't leave the PS3 out of this could you?

Why is it that 360 owners *always* mention how the PS3 doesn't have AAA titles whenever a 360 game is praised?

So this game is good and people enjoy it. Why couldn't *you* be the bigger person and talk about the game instead of mentioning that?


I see now how great Braid and all those other 13 AAA games on 360 are worth, you just can't help but to bring in PS3 games... LOL

And the other side comes quickly to argue with you...

This site is getting boring over time, fanboys used to be less predictable and more funny... Or maybe it's just that we are saturated with so many of you guys (not everyone that responded is a fanboy, but you know of yourself).

GOTY 20075415d ago

I wasn't flaming anyone. I have a PS3. I was just stagin the truth. EWarhawk and Heavenly Sword? These are High Quality??? If we started counting Crackdown, Dead Rising and all the other cool Xbox 360 games that aren't quite "AAA" there would still be many more and better Xbox 360 games.

Look, I didn't take some oath to contstantly declare I love the PS3 and it's the best....when its NOT. Some of you seem BRAIN-WASHED and as if you say anything even TRUE about this its evil and you can only say something about both consoles if your begin delusional and pretending PS3 has the best looking games coming this year becuase what??? Resistance and LBP??? LOL PS3 isn't a very good console and it's my strong opinion. It can get better but it's not ever going to be as good as the Xbox 360. The new Xbox will be out by that point. PS3 isn't that good now... I sure won't be playing it for 10 years. I'll be where the really good franchises are. I just thought about it and wanted to type it out....IN A 360 ARTICLE.

Xbox 360 is going to get more AAA titles this year again....more than PS3.

PS3 possbiles= LBP and Resistance 2 and they aren't guaranteed franchises. Nothing else on PS3 will be AAA.

Xbox 360= Gears 2, Valves Left 4 Dead, Unfinite Undiscovery, Banjo, Fable 2, Tales of Vesperia(got close), The Last Remnant(timed Exclusive), Too Human, Viva Pinata 2

I think at least 2-4 of the 360 titles could be AAA.

; ) Xbox 360 has the shooter franchises by far, not wanna-be's. And virtually ALL the RPG's. It's just the truth. PS3 doesn't even have anything!!!! People on this site are in some kind of PS3 trance. You can't even tell the truth haha

Blood_Spiller5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

You more or less portray exactly what is wrong with this industry, far to much weight is put on review scores and whether or not a game is a so called "AAA title" (whatever that even is). This industry will never be taken seriously or be granted the art form status it so desperately wants so long as people like you continue to portray to the world what this industry is really about at its core, a bunch of man-children shouting numbers back and forth at each other about whose system of choice has more titles in the 90 percentile range.

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Rob0g0rilla5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

The puzzles are pretty cool. This game reminds me of the 2D Marios.

InMyOpinion5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

If you think it's anything like Mario you obviously haven't played it. The only Mario game I can come to think of that it resembles in a small way would be Mario vs Donkey Kong on the Game Boy Advance.

spandexxking5415d ago

it is a very good game but a games price should be based on its prodution values, its only fair that the developers get more money for something that was expensive to make. but saying that i think microsoft made it 15$ because they knew it was good so they wanted to make money, sad really.

Rob0g0rilla5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

The cannons, the way you jump on the little monsters, the keys and most of all the castles with the flags and the messages. The princess is not this castle. So from Mario. The first puzzle was pretty easy. The only part I was stuck at was getting the 2 puzzle pieces where the actual puzzle that you had to solve was.

But people telling me what systems/games I don't own or haven't played is getting pretty annoying and sad. You guys are hilarious.

Montrealien5415d ago (Edited 5415d ago )

So when's your coming out party Robo? N4G profiles have a place for gamertags and PSN IDs. They will be even more hilarious when you show them the proof ;D

as for the price, 15$ is nothing, and well worth it imho, I will be getting this in the future. And you are right, Number None inc. made sure to give their own winks to their biggest inspiration, Mario. But it is very different as a whole, Braid seems like a nice fresh new twist on a genre as old as gaming time.

Halochampian5415d ago

then why wouldn't they charge $15 for geometry wars 2??

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