Pirates' broadside rattles Nintendo

Online piracy has ravaged the music business and now it's about to do the same to the games industry, thanks to a device the size of a thumbnail. Once known only to hackers, the R4 Revolution is currently the fifth biggest-selling electronics item on Amazon's UK web store - priced at £12.57 including a 2GB memory card.

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LiamIRL823748d ago

More power to the R4DS. People just don't see value in spending 40 euros on crappy games that are not worth half that price. Nintendo have had it too good for too long.

FantasyStar3748d ago

Nintendo defines "Shovelware" although personally I don't own a DS but I do own a Wii.

titntin3748d ago

This is ancient news really - these carts have been big business for ages - I picked up and M3 simply 16 months ago - its an easy way to compile a game your working on and test it immediately on the host machine, and these devices have long been used by devs as cheap dev kits (I've developed several GBA games on a similar device.)

You could argue that some of the media playback functionality of these carts should exist on the host systems already, but lets face it, the bulk of these things are sold to play downloaded game roms.

Surprising that Nintendo haven't put big pressure on a retail outlet like amazon to stop selling what is intrinsically a pirate device...

ExcelKnight3747d ago

They've already started in Japan, but I guess that's because they've been building a legal case for some time now.

Demanding the removal of a device based solely on one of its most prominent features is harder to back up that one might think, which might be why Nintendo waited so long.