Rumor: LEGO Harry Potter Video Game

After LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones and the upcoming LEGO Batman you wonder what other toys from the LEGO Universe wound be making the step forward into the LEGO video game series.

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Playstation Man3819d ago

The idea of the game is to steal windows technology as an up and coming entrepreneur, create a monopoly, lie about it being a monopoly, buy EVERYTHING exclusive to anyone else that you can, create a terrible OS and then retire with the state of your company in shambles compared to where it was when you were actually giving a crap in charge and not swimming in your vault at home.

You could build computers! Heck, you could even build a functioning console that doesn't RRoD. OUT OF LEGO! It would be awesome!

Dan3818d ago

I hope this is true.

But where's my Harry Potter open-world game? :D