You too can own a Gears of War 2 Lancer? But why?

Yes, you did read the title right and we're just as amazed/shocked/confused about it as well.

If you're willing to spend the equivalent of $130 for a special edition of a game, then you're clearly off your rocker to put it blunt. But being able to own your own lancer? That is quite a tempting offer.

It is clearly a lot better then the previous crap offered by special editions bundles such as the Bioshock miniature Big Daddy which was one of the worst quality figurines I've ever seen or the forth coming Fallout game which will give you an alarm clock for $60. This is the one special edition which I am very tempted to buy if I had money coming out my ears (That'd be a sight eh?).

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Viktor E5523d ago

The Xbox 360 is surely an item to avoid

Atomic5522d ago (Edited 5522d ago )

now the Xtards sheeple will bite into this travesty like a fish biting into a bait.
crap toys like these costs a couple of dollars per unit to make in sweatshops in China.

TheAveragePs3User5522d ago

who neads a gay chainsaw gun when i can has little big planets dolls with pre-orderve!!1! I mad my grandma buy mes it cuz i dont have jobs or money but i deserves teh doll cuiz lbp rools!!!1!

TheMART5522d ago

You'll be avoided also NASIM, being downvoted on all your multiple accounts to one bubble or banned. Enjoy these last messages!

AStupidXbot5523d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I don't want to hear my xbot comrades complaining about their Lancers breaking on them.

Sony sucks balls5523d ago

Ooh you Sony buttfu<ks make a cute couple. They have special sights for your type. Maybe you knob gobblers could get a private chat going or something. You two could go on a date and ride your scooter nut to butt just like you both like too. Peace out Fanny bandits !

etownone5523d ago

This is obviously aimed at:
1. the most hardcore of Gears fans
2. Kids
3. collectors.

I bought one the minute I heard about it and upgraded it to the limited edition for 10 bucks more. why you ask? I have a 12 year old kid, and Gears and Halo are his favorite games. Last year the legendary Halo 3 game with helmet was his 07 xmas present and he LOVED it. So, basically I just bought him his xmas present for 08.

pow3r of t3h c3ll5522d ago

cus your a stupid 14 year old aka the average 360 gamer so you can play space marine and locust wars!