Xbox Live Avatar Microtransactions All But Confirmed

It turns out the Xbox 360 avatars might actually have something Nintendo's game-changing Mii's don't: microtransaction fees!
Whether you want Xbox Live avatars or not, they're coming, and an ambiguous at best answer from Microsoft's John Schappert about future microtransaction fees hints that future customization will cost a bit of coin.

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Roukuko5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

microsoft charges gamers to take a dump whats new

Viktor E5523d ago

Red Shoelaces will of course be the hot item,seeing as how they will blend seamlessly with the Red Ring of Death

I expect them to charge $10 for Shoelaces

5523d ago
Snukadaman5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

Im sure this idiot knows home will be charging you for things like end tables....shirts...shoes..shor ts..ect...well maybe he dont..the idiot thinks microsoft has a handheld system.

morganfell5523d ago

Maybe instead of becoming a gangster (wannabe actually) you should have concentrated on becoming an English Major.

dachiefsman5523d ago

so microsoft is going to charge for accessories...and Sony won't for HOME. Right.

stop being so delusional both companies are in this for the money.

morganfell5523d ago

When they announce charges for home you can say something. Otherwise you are just pulling it out of your desperate ass.

KBDuB5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

Don't bother me one bit. Just like Home, I won't use this.

The only thing I might do is play some of the games, ala 1vs100. Just because they say you can win prizes from it, but even that I won't use for long.

Bangladesh5522d ago

Sony said that they would be charging for items in Home the very first time they showed it. Where were you?

morganfell5522d ago

Sony has yet to announce pricing. What they have said is Home itself will be free. That's already cheaper than what it takes to access Live's Mii ripoffs. Other items are likely to cost but then again, speculation. Let me see the Sony price list you have so I can understand what it will cost to buy toilet paper.

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AStupidXbot5523d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, M$ copied the wii avatar system, and now I have to put up with paying just for customization.

Viktor E5523d ago

Thankfully their next target for plagiarism is Enron

5523d ago
morganfell5523d ago

I know you are nervous as it is your first time on the internet but this is beyond comprehension. You type like an old Katherine Hepburn talks.

ElementX5523d ago

Well, I'm sure there will be accessory packs, maybe some designer label stuff, and more in the future, but for launch, I'm thinking they'll have plenty of clothes/accessories to choose from. It's not like you have to buy them.

I also read somewhere about unlockable game accessories and clothing. That sounds cool

AStupidXbot5523d ago

elementx, they copied the unlocking game accessories and clothing concept from HOME.

ElementX5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

Well, whatever. I'm getting PS3 with my student loan money. So i'll check it out

*EDIT* @ below
I played warhawk, it was awesome. So was resistance, and Uncharted. I used to own a ps3 but my brother-in-law wanted the 60gb after it was discontinued and i needed cash. i'm also excited about MGS4

mgbass135523d ago

thank you for not responding with some flamebait garbage. i think you will like your ps3 once you get all the updates to download. buy warhawk...

Arsenic135523d ago

Just like Sony stole the idea from Miis? And how Miis stole the idea from any software u can create a digital character. Idiot.
MS also stole the idea of a controller as well huh?

sonarus5523d ago

Lol how can you say sony stole the concept for home from mii's. Sony has been working on home since before the wii came out. And there really is no basis of comparison for the two.

Anyway the way i see it no one is copying anybody. Except for microsoft who is copying wii with their avatar design. Home isn't out yet and the full details for it haven't been revealed so no one is copying home yet

Time_Is_On_My_Side5523d ago (Edited 5523d ago )

Actually the PlayStation Home was in the works ever since 2005 and the Mii's development started in 2007. The Miis are very similar to "Kokeshi" (wooden dolls) even though they had ideas of avatars in 1986. With the PlayStation Home avatars they're just a 3D (three-dimensions) representation of you in a 3D representation of the PlayStation Network. Sony went in a completely different direction from Nintendo's Miis and also has more of a mature look to them. The new XBOX 360 avatars are a cross from the Miis and the PlayStation Home avatars.

In my opinion the XBOX 360 avatars are geared towards the casual audience which is a bummer. I like Sony's idea because the avatars don't down grade me to a level I don't want to go. I say Sony/Nintendo is going in completely different directions and Microsoft just borrowed from both to create theirs. Sony's vision has the most ambition than the others in my opinion by creating a 3D representation of their network/community; very cool.

KBDuB5523d ago

Okay, so Sony copied the HOME idea from Second Life. Now, shhhhhh!
They all copy from each other, so let it be, it happens.

So, please stop with this copying bull..

godofthunder105522d ago

Just like they claim sony doesn't buy exclusive,now they are claiming sony doesn't coppy other companies.Sony buys exclusives just like microsoft does but not in the same way all the time.Sony makes deals like they will pay for the next game in the franchise to be made if they will keep it excluesive to the ps3 and this been going on.All ps3 fanboys need to stop acting like sony is a good company and never do anything like microsoft.The fact is if sony never would have done anything like microsoft they wouldn't be where they are at right now.every big buisness in the world is cut throat and if they wasn't they would be eaten up by the ones that do and this is a fact.

1-they coppied the moition controller from nintendo
2-thet coppyed trophies from the 360 achievements,they just changed them to trophies.

3-Coppied online gammeing from microsoft.

every one coppies every one and that's fact so stop acting like sony created every thing,hell if this the way that ps3 fanboys want to act then sony coppied the gammeing systems from atari.

I'm tired of hearing how ps3 fanboys keep saying sony doesn't buy exclusives just because they said they don't.When sony first came out with the moition controller and it didn't have rummble in it they claimed that it was old gen so they didn't put it.When ps3 fans started complaining and wanting to have rummble in their controller sony said that they couldn't put moition and rumble in the same controller because it isn't enough room and it was a lie.
The real reason that sony didn't put rumble in the controllers at first was because sony and microsoft was both sued for useing rumble with out permission from the company that invented it.Microsoft paid what they owed the company before the 360 was released so they had rumble from the begining but sony failed to pay what they owed before they released the ps3 so they couldn't use it but they paid it later and that's when they came out with rumble.Then they said it would be a new gen rumble not old gen like the 360 and what happened,it was the same damn thing as the 360.This is a fact and people that disagree are just childish fanboys who can't admit the truth and it's a sad day when people fight over video games.

5522d ago
The Lazy One5522d ago

They copied it from almost every RPG, most fighters, and some other games that offer costumes as rewards for completion.

The only thing stolen as far as avatars/miis/home is the fact that they are on a console. Everything else has been done on another platform (usually on an e-community website).

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ErcsYou5523d ago

Nope..... New gamer pics and theme's cost $$$ so why would avatars be free?

Bnet3435523d ago

Me neither, but no one is holding a gun to your head and telling you to buy it. Also, you can't buy clothes for Mii's.

VampHuntD5523d ago

Did people think MS was going to give something away for free? Cmon now! That's insane! They are going to use this as another way to bleed mucrotransaction money from their fanbase just like most other things they use.

Dareaver15522d ago

it's a business.... the same thing is going to happen with home. Microtransactions FTW....