Interview: Iwata On Keeping Up Nintendo's Momentum

After overseeing several years of rapid growth at Nintendo Co., President Satoru Iwata faces new challenges: how to keep players of the company's videogames interested, and how to cultivate a new wave of customers. In an interview, Mr. Iwata talked about the challenge of maintaining Nintendo's momentum.

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theKiller3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

this period is their peaks!
when ps3 releases littlebigplanet and other triple A games with such high graphics and innovation with a price cut people will say
"why do we have to stick to last gen while we have something similar and maybe even better with next gen features??"
most of the people i ask who played wii they play it rarely and i tried it at a friend's place and i already got bored from the second time i played it!! its good to play with a group of people/friends/family but if u r alone or u have only one buddy then i dont think u would open the wii and u have ps3 or 360!!

if they ask what will keep the wii on top i would say nothing because the hardware cant be changed, and when ps3/360 release their own motion sensing controllers u can say wii will not have any advantage over the competition

ChickeyCantor3748d ago

" A games with such high graphics "
... You really believe this?
Wii owners liked games more on a bigger TV and we all know how "core" gamers think about that.

Those "gfx" will only mean anything to most Wii-owners if Sony plays out their marketing right.

Nintendo showed these people that Motion gaming is the "sh/t" now if its really about"gfx" Sony should convince them that "gfx" are the "sh/t" but i don't see that happening.

Other AAA titles should have killed the Wii by now remember....nothing changed.

TruthbeTold3748d ago

According to some, it was supposed to be all over for Nintendo once MGS4 came out. People need to just face the facts. All 3 systems will do well this time around, and Nintendo (barring an absolute collapse) will likely end up on top.

Another thing to consider is that Nintendo has been profiting off of the Wii since day 1. Now after 30 million have sold, as well as all of the software, they may have already made more in profits than the other two consoles will end up making before the next generation.

All of that being said, imo, Nintendo is screwing up royally by not ensuring that the Hardcore have first party games to look forward to this holiday season. I have no interest in Pikmin. And Animal Crossing in the way that they are building it is coming nowhere near my console. I predict that alot of Wii gamers are going to go ahead and get that second system this Nov/Dec.

Product3748d ago

I have just as much fun playing my wii as i do my friends ps3 or 360.People in this day and age are to into graphics,i play my wii in 20 minute intervals thats all i usually have time for.......i cant think of one game on either ps3 or xbox where i can play for 10-20 minutes and be satisfied.Gaming is becoming to big imo where you think you need these 30+hour deep games,although they are nice i would rather be out doing something else thats more productive or fun with others.

People on this website take gaming way to seriously,weather it be defending their console of choice,trying to change others opinions,or gloating about a success their console has had,and with your statement above that shows your true colors.Youll gladly bash the console thats on top because its not your own while you gloat about things to come.

To each his own but deep games and casual games both have their advantages,and regardless of their disadvantages they re both fun.Just because you dont like wii doesnt mean its not selling to people having fun with it.

Yuji Naka3748d ago

Have a mix of Casual and "Hardcore" games might be a good idea, also some new non-casual IP's, that will probably work...

Mr Fancy Pants3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

"According to some, it was supposed to be all over for Nintendo once MGS4 came out."

-- ok people, from where do you read all these things? because nobody here were saying that, it is all about the X360 vs the PS3. and everybody knows that the Wii it's an unstoppable piece of novelty.

that's like saying that ps3 owners were waiting for haze. nobody cared about haze!

"most of the people i ask who played wii they play it rarely"

-- that's so true!

}sidar: "Nintendo showed these people that Motion gaming is the "sh1t""

-- mmm no. nintendo used the motion sensing as a way to create a cheap console but with something that draw attention, something that make it different from the other consoles.. the Wii it's a casual console and there are more casual than core gamers, that means better sales.

just look around on different forums, everybody hates the Wii. specially here.

ChickeyCantor3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

" ok people, from where do you read all these things? because nobody here were saying that, "

Really? missed it then.

Also your argument is Stupid, Wii is not selling because it's all casual. It's selling because Nintendo actually went into the crowd convincing them that Motion gaming is fun.

If they did not do that at all their system would have failed and killed them. They didn't do Motion gaming to make their console cheap. If it was not for the GBA they would be dead by now.
They actually had a solid concept which we now know as the Wii.

My point was is that Sony is not even trying to convince this audience because they expect Ps3 to sell due the Ps2(Singstar and Buzz) but they are not putting much effort in getting them on their side.

If they really want to win this audience it's time they do something about their marketing.