New Transformers Teaser Trailer

Yahoo! U.K. has the exclusive first look at the new Transformers teaser trailer.

Activision has the publishing rights for videogames based on the franchise. The first title will be tied to the July 4, 2007 movie release.

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OC_MurphysLaw5253d ago

I have to say this is way better looking than I could have ever anticipated! I am VERY excited for this movie now!

r10005253d ago

OH MAN THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME....!!!! now I have transformer and the movie below to look forward to

Click "view trailer"

specialguest5253d ago

this is one of my most anticipated movie to see in a long time. it doesn't look cheesy and low budget at all which is what i feared most.

shysun5253d ago

Agreed bro...This and Spidy 3,is all I need next summer!:)

Maddens Raiders5253d ago

I'm speechless. This movie is going to CRUSH all competitors to death. Michael Bay and Spielberg to the end - fuggettaboutit.

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