Brett Favre - Jets - Madden 09 Video takes Favre out for a spin using his new team, the NY Jets, on Madden 09.

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GTProwler3724d ago

That announcer sucks, Cris is cool but that other guy is just very poor doesn't sound good at all.

Borman3724d ago

Yeah, he seems more like an afterthought in my time playing the game. The game does have the usual repeat problems, but the biggest problem is the lack of play specific calls or even names, a lot of times the announcer will just say "The Quarterback" or "The Kicker", not the player itself. The announcing does have some nice surprises, including making fun of John Madden's announcing.

Dorian_D3724d ago

Favre will always be packer in my eyes. he always wanted to play with the pack!

Bolts3724d ago

How so? He was given two chances to come back AFTER he retired. They asked him if he wanted to play shortly after he retired then again before the draft. If he wanted he really wanted to play he would've said yes then and there and this fiasco would not be necessary.

Agent VX3724d ago

Farve is the 2nd best quarterback that ever lived, but nobody will ever beat Dan "the Man" Marino.

Graphics on this years Madden are top notch, I am still deciding on the gameplay though.

kunark3724d ago

@ agent vx i dont think farve is the best qb ever prolly one the greatest qbs to ever play the game but no way he is the best farve is a 2 person qb you never know what one is gonan show up the one thats gonna throw 3-4 td's or the one thats gonna try and force the ball down the field and throw 4 picks in a game but i totally agree with dan the man he is prolly one of the greatest qbs to ever play the game in his time

dktxx23724d ago

Joe Montana and Steve Young #1 and #2,

DRUDOG3724d ago

Um...don't forget about another by the name of Elway.

streetking933724d ago

michael vick screw a dog i dont care about them michael vick the brett farve gone have a heart attack

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Tyrael3724d ago

We know he's a great player but I don't think anyone can salvage what's left of the Jets.

Bolts3724d ago

Since when is Farve a smart QB? He should be a cannon arm QB.