Alone in the Dark PS3 "undergoing improvements"

Atari have announced that Alone in the Dark for PS3 will be undergoing improvements, rather than just being a direct port of the Xbox 360 version.

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Harry1903724d ago

a lot of potential and I am happy to hear the PS3 version will probably be superior in terms of quality. I do hope that they solve the control problems and that(so as not to screw people who already bought the game)they release a patch for the 360 version too.

Genesis53724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

I guess this is one advantage when the game comes to a system last. It wasn't well received on the other platforms. So by all means take the time to work out the clumsy execution of controls. If it improves I will buy it.

badz1493724d ago

I want to agree with you and also hoping for the same thing, I'm afraid it ain't going to happen! how much more can they improve for something that already have a version in the market? we can't aspect it to be that different from the 360 version! If you played the 360 version, that'll be exactly what the PS3 version will look like! but I hope that they will at least make the damn controls WORKS!! I can't see a surge in sales for PS3 but if they implement Trophies, I bet a lot more will pick it up for the sake of that!

Genesis53724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Yes you are probably right. Too bad at one time I was also really looking forward to this game.

Bnet3433724d ago

Do you guys think because of Phil Harrison (former Sony exec) gimped the 360 and pc version on purpose and will make PS3 version the best one?

Harry1903724d ago

long before Phil left. Probably not. The man has too much class for such practice.

meepmoopmeep3724d ago

i'm glad to hear this.

i hope they took the reviewers' opinions on what was bad and fixed it a bit. i know it can't be totally remade, but hopefully they fix some of the stuff.

i'm still iffy on whether or not this a buy or rent. most likely a rent since there's just tons of games coming after this month. way too many.

Ju3724d ago

I wouldn't say gimped the other version, but I would expect him to push the PS3 somewhat. And just if he opens up channels to Sony for devs, which they might not have otherwise. He was head of SW for the PS3, so he might have some insights here and there.

Cenobia3724d ago

There is no way that happened. It would make no sense for Harrison to do that. I mean how would he even accomplish it? Go to the developers and tell them they should gimp the other version, which will hurt sales, just so the PS3 version can look better in comparison?

And I'm pretty sure Harrison came in too late to really effect the game in any way (at least for the PC/xbox versions). His connections may help the PS3 version, but he had no reason to hurt the other versions. It's not like he's an undercover agent for Sony.

Would you jeopardize your position in a new company just because you worked at a different company before? No.

iistuii3724d ago

what are you on about, i had the pc version running at a resolution your ps3 can only dream of and with full AA on and the fact is that the game is crap. That im afraid they wont change.

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Skerj3724d ago

This is one delay I'm glad happened, I hope they're using their time wisely.

SixTwoTwo3724d ago

Atari aren't miracle workers. The game sucked on 360 and its going to suck on PS3. You can't polish a turd.

green3724d ago

Hopefully it wont be as bad as the 360 version.The game had some potential but had some of the worst controls that i have ever seen in a survivor horror game.

I am happy that it would be improved because it would suck to actually wait a few extra months only to still have those crappy controls.No gamer deserves that.

Elven63724d ago

The game sold over a million and is going to allow Atari to post a profit this year, they were in the red for the longest time, if they took a "turd" as you say, sold over a million turds and manage to make a profit they must be miracle workers.

Oh and btw Eden is developing the game, Atari is publishing.

solidsnakus3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

i was seriously wanting to like this game, i even preorderd it despite the horible reviews. i decided not to pick it up though. but later playing the demo im glad i didnt , this game blows.

avacadosnorkel3724d ago

Sony is now making 3rd party titles that are late to release have more

dan-boy3724d ago

is it optimism or fanboyism that made you write that comment????

crap game with terrible controls.

elitewh0re3724d ago

its funny, the game is really cinematic, high production values, and leaves you wanting to play more, however the controls completely ruin it for the game, if only they added the ability to customise the controls it wouldnt be so bad..

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