Ten Games of 2007: PC

With Windows Vista shipping at the end of January, PC gaming is about to get shaken up a bit due to Microsoft pushing the Games For Windows initiative. DX10 has the potential to take visuals to a whole new level, and while there won't be too many games that will take advantage of this new tech, we can't wait to see what it does to the next generation of PC titles. We're looking at 2007 as the year to upgrade our rigs to handle what could most likely be one of the best years in PC gaming in some time.

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THWIP5254d ago

...are coming to 360 and/or PS3 as well.

Rooted_Dust5254d ago

I only counted 3 that I know are console bound HL2:Episode 2, C&C3, and UT 2007. Feel free to correct me if you know of others.

THWIP5254d ago

1.)HL2:Ep.2 : PC/360/PS3
2.)UT2007: PS3/PC/360 (confirmed by my friend Bill Greene, who works for Epic)
3.)Spore: PC/360 (maybe PS3) Confirmed at E3 '06
4.) C&C 3 : PC/360
5.) Quake Wars: PC/360 (Id has already stated they were working on a 360 port, as well as the new Wolfenstein)
6.) Frontlines:FOW : PC/360 (maybe PS3) This has been known as a 360 game since it was announced.

I'm guessing Tabula Rasa will jump to the 360, simply because it's been in development so long, they'll need the added $$....and LIVE will be supporting other MMO's by then as well.

Gears5254d ago

And all 3 are coming to the 360, not enough PS3 for UT2007 to be exclusive, that is why epic is hiring more 360 programmers.

Rooted_Dust5254d ago

Episode 2 and UT 2007 are going to the PS3. The only game listed going to PC & 360 only is C&C. I wouldn't expect it to sell well though, since RTS aren't suited to consoles, they often end up with clunky controls.

Gears5254d ago

Episode 2 is coming to the 360 as well, so will UT 2007, I already know given the huge success of Gears of War. C & C should be good, the Lord of the Rings RTS was really good in my opinion and broke the barrier of RTS's on console. Lord of the Rings RTS on the 360 actually sold more copies and had more online players than the PC version.

Rooted_Dust5254d ago

I wan't saying they were only going to PS3, but that only one of the games was a PC,360 exclusive. As of September LOTR:Battle for middle earth only sold 150,000 copies for 360, the PC version sold somewhere between 1 and 2 million. Where do you get your information?

Gears5254d ago

Stated that more people were playing it online on the 360, so I assumed it sold more copies. Sorry my mistake.