Will Crytek Brew Something for the PS3?

Apparently, the people at Crytek are looking into developing a game for Sony's next-gen gaming consoles. Contrary to an earlier statement, The Crytek peeps are busy searching for console programmers for PS3, and they prefer someone with vast experiences on PS2 game developing. Although in their requirements, they are also looking for someone who has shipped at least 2 titles for Nintendo GameCube and Xbox, their main focus seems to involve the PS3.

Clic6216d ago

Another reason too buy the ps3.

shotty6216d ago

Crytek made a far cry for the xbox 360 so I don't see why it won't come out for it. This game already coming on the PC so it's easier to move over. Since the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 are relatively the same specs we will see way more multi console games

tilamiles5257d ago

I don't see how this post is of any interest....