TGR Preview: Project Origin - "An Evolved Experience"

TGR - "The demo started off during the game's third act in a subway station where you, Michael Becket, a Delta Force member who is not the protagonist of the original game, must make your way up to the surface of the city which Alma has been unleashed upon. The first thing you'll notice is the Metroid Prime-like functionality of an in-game visor, which will react to the environment, fogging up in the midst of steam, or begin to crack when the player takes some heavy damage. The game's lead designer, John Mulkey, illustrated to us his desire to use this mechanic to keep the player directly immersed within Origin's world at all times, making an up close and personal feel with the dark nature of the game all the more intense."

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cain1413725d ago

I'm still on the fence for this title...

thegamereviews3725d ago

I though the battle was intense, yet still needs a lot of polish

skynidas3725d ago

What about the graphics do they look good? BTW the article was very well written