Can love bloom on the battlefield?

Stop the presses: Girlfriends and video games seldom mix. A healthy gaming habit can put an unhealthy strain on one's romance. That includes you lucky schlubs with a lady friend that knows her way around a D-pad. We've all seen the eye rolls, endured the nagging, or been accused of the atrocities of neglect. The truth is that there's no quick-fix for this problem. Whether you're in it for a fling or the long haul, it's going to take some compromise if you want your love to not just survive, but to thrive! No man likes to be alone, so fellas, I'm going to help you save your relationship!

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Amadeo3815d ago

I don't believe this article was approved, despite the reporter. It's still pending. Though, I have to admit, there's nothing too compelling about this article. "Pay attention to your girlfriend." It's common sense, and I'm not so sure this article really took the subject to new heights or in a unique direction.

Madgunner3815d ago

Otacon and snake seem to think so....

FantasyStar3814d ago

the man can't even remember a 5 digit code 5 min ago.;

Madgunner3814d ago

hahaha hes older cut him some slack ^_^

rockleex3814d ago

Little Big Planet will be a battlefield for love to bloom in. ^_^

mariusmal3813d ago

my girl never played a game before she met me. now she is a addict just like me. and yeah it's great to play with her, except fighting games. never let girls play fighting games or you will be raped.