Two new map packs due to hit CoD3 soon

Brace yourselves as Activision today announced plans to release two new map packs for their war time epic, Call of Duty 3...

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THWIP5251d ago

Hardly anyone's playing the ORIGINAL maps, because Treyarch screwed the pooch with this suckass game. No thanks...I'll continue playing the far superior COD2. :o

Mikey_Gee5251d ago

I am not saying that COD3 sucks, BUT when it comes to playing with your buds, COD2 is still my fav between the two.

Major lacks of COD3
- NO KILL CAM (what were they thinking)
- Where did the Lobby go ??

Must have the lobby to chit chat about what map and setting to use. Nice to have you buds chat with you and you can make the change while in the lobby.

Much better than either quitting current game or just a LOAD into a new map with no lobby (ala COD3)

I actually hope they patch it to reflect the COD2 method

jp 1175250d ago

they need to fix alot of stuff like the killing power of the guns is crazy i can breath on someone with the machine gun and theyll die