Do Games Add to Global Warming? A Look Inside

Gamer 2.0 has a really interesting look at whether video game playing, our favorite hobby, has any effect on the environment and the hubbub over Global Warming. Some snippets:

"Unfortunately, due to the necessity of the technology that enables games to exist as they do today, the power that fuels our hobby must also be sacrificial. So what price does the environment pay for games with the visual verbosity of something like Gears of War 2?

The surprise comes when we examine the kind of power that it takes to keep information in stasis. Virtual communities and MMOs represent massive humming engines that never sleep. Julian Bleecker of Near Future Laboratory calculated that the average Second Life avatar eats up 1,248 kilowatt hours of electricity per year (1,095 kWh on your PC, 153 kWh server side). When Bleecker calculated the appropriate carbon dioxide emissions that 1,248 kWh of electricity would give off, it came out to 1,685 pounds per avatar per year, or the equivalent of driving 1,800 miles in a BMW 750Li, according to Wired Magazine.

By contrast and by our calculations, you'd probably have to play that same Xbox 360 for five hours just to produce a pound of CO2 emissions, and there are barely enough hours in the day in order to reach the same benchmark as that Second Life avatar plotted through the course of a year."

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Viktor E3722d ago

The Xbox 360 is the Culprit again,the heat produced from a Failing Xbox 360 Console is what keeps Al Gore awake at Night

zapass3722d ago

global warming is just like RROD: an inconvenient truth that keeps hurting your stupid ass.

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TheHater3722d ago

Almost everything add to global warming. So I don't know why the are making a big deal about it with games.

Amadeo3722d ago

They're going to make a big deal about anything related to gaming until it become generally accepted by parents and politicians. That's the fact of the matter, unfortunately. It happened to comic books, rock and roll, and hip-hop. It'll always be under the magnifying glass. But obviously, gaming isn't going to have the same effects as say cars or something.

But really well-written article. I like that it's different from typical gaming articles. It has a nice real-world spin.

JsonHenry3722d ago


Hey fools! I got some carbon credits to sell you if you have been guilted into believing global warming is real. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

What a bunch of idiots! We are STILL in an ice age! Don't believe me? Look it up!

techwizz3722d ago

I somewhat expected it to have a larger effect. I thought it was interesting and very well written. I'm sure Xbox Live's servers add quite a bit more though, same with PSN.


Panthers3722d ago

Global Warming hasnt even been proven to be real. I used to think there was no arguing it, like the sky being blue. You cant argue that.

Anyway, lately Ive been reading things talking about it not being true and it is hard to tell either way. Still, if your so worried about global warming, then quit driving, farting, and breathing. All of it adds to global warming. We cant do anything about it until countries like China are willing to.

I think I will keep playing my games :)

techwizz3722d ago

What we need are cleaner technologies. The idea that Global Warming isn't real is a load of bull with "research" funded by oil companies. That's very similar to when tobacco companies funded "research" to disprove the link between smoking and lung cancer. They're dirty heartless people.

But yes, you should keep playing and this article shows it really isn't much of an offender, but Global Warming is VERY real. The only thing is that people aren't going to change their lifestyle to adapt so the technologies have to do more to bring down their emissions. This article says it eloquently:

"Some of the latent images imported from China daily showcase people’s unwavering ability to rally around the evocative, and, incidentally, prove unendingly that the evocative is what it takes to stoke the emotional boiler. From these ashes is the revelation that people aren’t moved by what is preachy and complex, and so worldwide environmental concerns contend as passable poltergeists, containing no tangible element, no inward properties, and nothing that will inspire people into immediate action. We make demands out of our environment, certain that the abstract cannot come back to haunt us."

PoSTedUP3722d ago

global warming is commonsense...

Millah3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Dude this whole "global warming isn't proven" argument is getting real old and ignorant, at this point its practically common sense and you really shouldn't need to be force-fed by scientists what the truth is.

Also, its funny you should mention China, because they actually ARE leading in alternative energy solutions, and they will kick start the rest of the world into changing with them.

techwizz3722d ago

One of the interesting things about global warming is that even if we try everything it seems like we're kind of doomed and have to learn to deal with it:

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